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Finishing some web backend work this morning while the kids play Zelda. I’m not very far in the game yet, but so impressed with it.

→ 2017/03/11 10:24 am

Even with Kawhi out, very risky to rest so many players on the Warriors tonight. The #1 seed is going to be decided by a couple games.

→ 2017/03/11 10:01 am

15 years of blogging

Fifteen years ago today I started this blog during SXSW. Although I didn’t think much of it at the time, because Twitter hadn’t been invented yet, my first post was essentially a microblog post. 145 characters and no title. (Titles on the old posts were added later during the migration to Movable Type.)

I’ve written about 1100 posts since then, and another 600 microblog posts. Some of my favorites last year:

And the year before:

And earlier:

Whether you started visiting this blog years ago or just today, thanks for reading. I hope to still be writing in another 15 years. (I’ll be 56 years old. My kids will be grown up. Nearly everything will be different.)

Stretching time out has a way of highlighting what matters. And if it matters, it’s worth writing down. I hope you’ll join me for the next chapter as I try to move indie microblogging forward with

Spent the morning trying out Docker to more quickly bring up server instances for certain parts of Very nice.

→ 2017/03/09 1:20 pm

Experimented with Minio last night while watching the Spurs come back to win after being down 28 points. Might solve some problems for me.

→ 2017/03/09 8:18 am

Followed a 2001 Evan Williams blog post and noticed that moved to Medium. All the old posts are gone. Future-proofing is tricky even when you’re the CEO of a blog publishing company. (But worth it.)

→ 2017/03/08 2:53 pm

Great video review of the Nintendo Switch from Myke Hurley. Agree with pretty much everything he says. It’s a fantastic system, the best from Nintendo in a long time, and Zelda is excellent.

→ 2017/03/08 1:06 pm

I renewed a few SSL certs for free by typing “letsencrypt renew”. What if domain names had a similar breakthrough? Could change everything.

→ 2017/03/07 10:29 am

Another close win tonight for the Spurs and a ridiculous final minute. Great playoffs prep. Kawhi is just playing at a new level right now.

→ 2017/03/06 10:32 pm

At the IndieWeb meetup last week I couldn’t remember how long I’ve been blogging. Coming up on the 15th anniversary of my blog this week!

→ 2017/03/06 2:14 pm

More on algorithms and UI

Ben Thompson’s daily update email today covers fake news and algorithms. It’s a great post, although a little disheartening in the way that most coverage of filter bubbles and the election tend to be. One line in the closing paragraph:

Algorithms have consequences, particularly when giving answers to those actually searching for the truth.

It mirrors something I wrote in January about algorithms and curation:

Software has consequences. How it’s designed informs what behavior it encourages. If it’s built without thought to these consequences, it will succeed only by accident.

Quick posting via retweets on Twitter and re-sharing on Facebook contributes to the spread of fake news. As the New York Times article Ben links to says, fake news is “designed to attract social shares and web traffic”. Bad news stories with dramatic headlines can spread more quickly than they would if everyone posted an original comment with their link.

It’s too easy to click a retweet button without thinking. Fake news is as much a user experience and design problem as it is an algorithmic problem.

Also loved being at that fantastic Thunder game in Portland last week. Wonder if Denver regrets trading Nurkic when the Blazers take #8.

→ 2017/03/05 12:50 pm

Spurs within 2 games of the #1 seed. Even with Durant out it’ll be tough, but I love San Antonio’s chances. Pau is great off the bench.

→ 2017/03/05 12:40 pm

No-pressure blogging

I’ve been working on a post about walled gardens, the App Store, and social networks. I think it could be an important essay — a new take on the future of platforms.

But if it’s not? If I’m wrong, and the idea is unoriginal or doesn’t go anywhere? That’s fine too! It’s just a blog post.

I love that blogs can scale from the trivial to the important. The microblog post about what you had for breakfast. The half-baked rant about something you’re passionate about. And sometimes, the rare essay that really hits the mark and makes people think.