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We are skipping Core Intuition this week. Back on Monday with a new show after the WWDC keynote.

→ 2017/05/31 10:22 pm

Covfefe seems silly, but it marks a point in Trump’s slide toward irrelevance. He’s unserious and undisciplined. It’s a failed presidency.

→ 2017/05/31 6:43 pm

JSON Feed for podcasts

JSON Feed includes an attachments array, which is similar to the enclosure element in RSS that enabled podcasting. We love podcasting and included an example podcast feed in the JSON Feed specification. However, because the Apple podcast directory and its RSS namespace are so central to many podcasting tools, it wasn’t clear how quickly podcast apps would adopt JSON Feed.

The answer is: pretty quickly. This week we’ve seen announcements from Breaker, Cast, and Fireside. Actually not just announcements, but working implementations to parse or generate JSON.

I’ve also pushed up a change to the WordPress plugin on GitHub to add support for attachments. After some more testing, I’ll update it in the WordPress directory.

Update: FeedPress also just announced support for JSON Feed. This is another important one for bloggers and podcasters. It effectively gives a JSON version to everyone using FeedPress, even if the FeedPress customer’s site is still backed by an XML feed.

Now that our new Apple developer account for has been approved, considering moving the app into the App Store sooner rather than later. TestFlight invites have been flaky. I spend a lot of time just re-sending invites that never went out.

→ 2017/05/31 11:51 am

Updated WWDC app reveals some changes for San Jose, including more evening activities than they’ve had in a while.

→ 2017/05/30 1:37 pm

Dave Winer on title-less posts

Dave Winer posted today about NetNewsWire needing better support for title-less feed items:

These items have no titles for artistic reasons. The author did not put them there. You, as a software developer, are not entitled to add them (haha that’s a pun).

I agree with Dave on this. Titles are clearly optional in the RSS 2.0 spec. The fix for the “Untitled” text that some feed readers use isn’t for authors to add titles where they aren’t needed, it’s for the UI in feed readers to improve so that they gracefully handle title-less posts.

(And this is not to pick on NetNewsWire. I’ve seen other apps and feed syncing services with the same assumption about titles.)

When I wrote about defining a microblog post, blank or missing titles was one of the fundamental points. If we want to have blogging software that’s as easy to use as a modern social network, titles can’t be required.

I’m hopeful that as feed readers adopt JSON Feed, developers will dust off their older code for feeds and make improvements for title-less RSS items as well. This is why we highlighted microblogging as a use case in the JSON Feed spec.

Preparing an update to send to Kickstarter backers. Can’t believe it’s been a month already. Lots of progress in that time.

→ 2017/05/30 12:13 pm

IndieWeb Summit

WWDC is only 1 week away, but I have another event on my mind as well: IndieWeb Summit in Portland, June 24th – 25th. From the description for the 2-day conference:

The seventh annual gathering for independent web creators of all kinds, from graphic artists, to designers, UX engineers, coders, hackers, to share ideas, actively work on creating for their own personal websites, and build upon each others creations.

I’m still trying to figure out if I can make it. If you care about indie blogging and open formats, consider attending. I had a great time in Portland earlier this year meeting more of the IndieWeb folks. They are leading some of the most important work on simple formats and protocols, with a focus on personal web sites instead of silos.

Nine years ago today, we published the first episode of Core Intuition. It was right before WWDC, the first year the conference sold out.

→ 2017/05/29 7:40 am

Finished updating all the hosted sites on to use JSON Feed by default. Should have a few more improvements ready for early this week, plus a Kickstarter update on the last month.

→ 2017/05/28 8:40 am

Updated some of the pages on to expand on the JSON Feed and Micropub API support.

→ 2017/05/27 3:49 pm

Listening to Joshua Tree while I work. Had no idea until today that U2 was in Houston and Dallas this week. Must’ve been a great show.

→ 2017/05/26 3:14 pm

While I’m complaining about politics, you don’t get to apologize your way out of assaulting a reporter. Gianforte is unhinged. Terrible.

→ 2017/05/26 10:59 am

I wanted Lyft back in Austin, but on the right terms. Not this. These companies shouldn’t be above the law. (And I’ll never use Uber again.)

→ 2017/05/26 8:30 am

NSDrinking tonight, 8pm at Ginger Man. We were thinking near the front instead of out back, so we can check on the Cavs game. :-)

→ 2017/05/25 3:40 pm

WordPress plugin for JSON Feed is now in the directory. WP Admin → Plugins → Add New, then search for “jsonfeed”. Easy install and update.

→ 2017/05/25 8:02 am