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This week we added a selection of photos to the Discover page on, and today I uploaded a new TestFlight beta with the same feature inside the app. It’s another way to find users to follow, or just see what the community is up to.

Here’s what the iPhone screen looks like:

iPhone screenshot

I think photoblogging is a really important part of indie microblogging. When I share photos online, I want them to be at my own web site in addition to cross-posted to Twitter and other social networks. Photos always capture something — a moment with family or friends, visiting a new place, or just the everyday routine as it changes — and I want to provide a great user experience for photos, from filters to hosting.

First week of JSON Feed

I’ve been impressed with how quickly people have adopted JSON Feed. There are a bunch of feeds in the wild now, as well as code and templates for popular languages and web frameworks. The next step is support in feed readers, including brand new feed readers, which is already happening.

Feedbin and NewsBlur both added support for JSON Feed. I like how Feedbin’s Ben Ubois puts it:

One of the criticisms I’ve seen of JSON Feed is that there’s no incentive for feed readers to support JSON Feed. This is not true. One of the largest-by-volume support questions I get is along the lines of “Why does this random feed not work?” And, 95% of the time, it’s because the feed is broken in some subtle way. JSON Feed will help alleviate these problems, because it’s easier to get right. can also read from JSON feeds. I’ll be switching over all the hosted sites to prefer JSON. I’m doing that slowly to make sure there aren’t any issues with duplicate posts. (There shouldn’t be, but it’s something to watch out for with self-hosted sites if your post IDs change.)

The WordPress plugin is almost in the WordPress directory. I’ll link to it as soon as it’s live, because it will make installing the WordPress plugin much easier.

Interview at The Brooks Review

I talked with Ben Brooks over Slack this week about and JSON Feed. From the chat: and JSON Feed share a common goal, which is to encourage more blogging on the open web, and new tools that can make blogging easier. I feel like we’ve gotten off course a little since the early days of blogging, with so many people now putting all of their writing into closed, centralized platforms like Twitter or Facebook. I think we can make it easier to own your own content, have your own domain name, and maybe learn from the UI in modern social networks too.

Slack makes for a really interesting interview format. Some of the spontaneity of a podcast, but with live editing and an automatic transcript. Similar to what was trying to do before they shut down.

Uploaded a new TestFlight build with a photos tab under Discover, new filters, and more. Starting to come together.

→ 2017/05/24 1:38 pm

A couple improvements early this week… We’ve started showing photos on the Discover page on the web. It’s a nice way to find new users. Also, more of the pins work now! Looking forward to adding more.

→ 2017/05/23 8:21 pm

115 points is a good finish for the Spurs. Their average this season was 105. Gotta beat the Warriors with defense, and can’t do that when the best defensive player in the NBA is out hurt. Next year.

→ 2017/05/22 10:40 pm

Spurs start Manu Ginobili for game 4. I love it on a couple levels. And he gets the first basket of the game.

→ 2017/05/22 8:09 pm

More apps for

I want to point to some developer activity in the community. The first is a macOS Today Widget called TodayPoster by Bryan Luby. It gives you a text box to post directly to blogs from the macOS Notification Center.

The next is a Mac client built with Electron. Developer Matthew Roach has a blog post about it with a download link.

There’s another iPhone app in development as well. It’s not ready yet, but from a screenshot by Francisco Cantu, looks like it will be a good alternative to the official iPhone app.

Podcasts about JSON Feed

We just posted episode 283 of Core Intuition, with thoughts on last week’s JSON Feed announcement and more. From the show notes:

Daniel and Manton discuss the new JSON Feed format and initial public reaction to it. They talk about Panic’s source code being stolen, and Daniel celebrates/laments his new MacBook Pro.

Brent Simmons was also interviewed on Collin Donnell’s new podcast, The Run Loop. Brent talks about some of his previous apps like NetNewsWire and Glassboard. Then they cover what JSON Feed is and where it could go.

Probably shouldn’t be replying to GitHub issues at 2am. Inevitable that I make some mistakes.

→ 2017/05/21 2:48 am

Good game, but we need our injured players back. On the bright side, we can now be the only team to come back down 0-3.

→ 2017/05/20 10:53 pm

Kawhi’s out for game 3 tonight. We’re going anyway. No matter what happens, glad to have the chance to go to the conference finals.

→ 2017/05/20 5:28 pm

Updated this morning with some tweaks for JSON Feed. Also merged in a couple pull request on the WordPress plugin.

→ 2017/05/18 9:55 am


Really excited to announce JSON Feed today with Brent Simmons. It’s great to see all the feedback and links to new feeds. Special thanks to everyone who contributed to the spec, debating field names and requirements over the last few months.

The premise was simple: the time is right for a JSON-based approach to feeds. We hope that JSON Feed is straightforward enough to be implemented quickly, and capable enough to push the next decade of blogging software forward. We love RSS too and tried to learn from its success. already supports JSON Feed nearly everywhere. There are feeds for hosted microblogs and your timeline, and the custom JSON API itself is actually just JSON Feed with extensions.

I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone does with this. If you’ve shared any code or templates for JSON Feed, or if you’re working on apps to support it, let us know.

I only have 2 rules when at an NBA game: I don’t boo the other team and I never leave early. I hope Zaza is okay so I can make an exception.

→ 2017/05/16 10:15 pm