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Core Intuition Jobs shutting down

A few years ago, Daniel and I launched Core Intuition Jobs, a site for companies to post job listings for Mac and iOS developers. It was a really nice success. At one point I thought we might even focus more time on it, and expand it with a companion site of resources to help developers.

Fast forward a year or two, though, and it became clear that without that attention, the site couldn’t just coast along. New listings were becoming more infrequent. The site needed marketing and regular improvements, just like any product.

And worse, while the whole point was to build something just for Cocoa developers, the site would still sometimes receive job listings for Java or Python developers, for example, and we’d need to refund the listing and remove it from the site. It wasn’t a lot of maintenance, but it was enough that we had to decide whether to put more work into the site or focus on our main podcast and other projects.

This week we decided it was time to move on. Existing job listings will continue to run until they expire. No new jobs are being accepted.

Thanks to all the companies who used Core Intuition Jobs. Now when we are asked about other places to post jobs, we’re pointing people to the email newsletters iOS Dev Weekly and This Week in Swift, as well as Core Intuition podcast sponsorships. Good luck to everyone looking for a new job!

Disappointed that the Spurs couldn’t keep Jonathan Simmons. Enjoyed watching him in Austin and then San Antonio. He has a great story.

→ 2017/07/14 3:20 pm

Sent an update to Kickstarter backers announcing the App Store version of, friend invites, and recent progress.

→ 2017/07/13 1:27 pm

No matter what happens, the 2016 election loss cannot be undone. But these Donald Jr. emails look really bad. Seems textbook collusion.

→ 2017/07/11 2:33 pm

Good progress catching up on email today, and support questions. Probably should know by now to carve out time every morning for this.

→ 2017/07/10 3:11 pm

Rolled out more tweaks over the weekend. Better photo cross-posting, lots of little edge cases taken care of.

→ 2017/07/09 5:10 pm

Sometimes wish I had a 7 Plus for travel (writing is much easier, like a super-mini iPad) but don’t want to give up my SE for everyday use.

→ 2017/07/08 8:08 am

Think I’m going to take my old iPad Mini on an upcoming road trip instead of the iPad Pro, since I’ll need my MacBook anyway. But the Mini is unusable now with low disk space, presumably from bloated app sizes. Clearing it and starting over with the iOS 11 beta.

→ 2017/07/08 8:03 am

I’ve let the blog go a little quiet this week as I’ve been focused on coding. I have drafts of a bunch of posts that I hope to get back to.

→ 2017/07/07 4:22 pm

Happy 4th of July, America. All I want for our country’s birthday is a new president. (I’ll accept an IOU, but can’t wait forever.)

→ 2017/07/04 9:37 am

With Apple improving app review times, now kind of worried that this app has been in “waiting for review” for 3 days. Maybe today.

→ 2017/07/03 7:33 am