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Instead of a formal Homebrew Website Club this week, we’re meeting at Radio Coffee, 6:30pm tomorrow. IndieWebCamp planning. Welcome to join!

→ 2017/10/31 3:33 pm special pins

For the initial rollout of, we had a bunch of pins you can unlock, to encourage people to blog more. For example, pins that get unlocked after a certain number of blog posts, or when you upload a photo. We also added a couple of new time-based pins for special events, like mentioning “iPhone X” during the Apple event last month.

Today I added a Halloween pin. You can see some of the pins for my account in this screenshot:


I also talked about this on today’s Timetable. Happy blogging! 🎃

New holiday pin for! Mention “Halloween” or “pumpkin” in a blog post to unlock the pin.

→ 2017/10/31 12:51 pm for iOS update for iOS version 1.2 is rolling out to the App Store right now. This update features a new sharing extension, to make it easier to send photos and links from other apps to It also has better support for the iPhone X screen.

We ended up rushing this update out a little to make sure it was approved in time for the iPhone X release, so there are a couple glitches we missed in testing when sharing photos. Working on a 1.2.1 update now to make the sharing extension more robust.

Thanks as always for using In addition to the iOS app, the Mac beta is also getting regular updates. (This blog post was written and posted with it.)

Read the New York Times and skimmed Talking Points Memo, but need to force myself to ignore most of the big news today. Code to write!

→ 2017/10/30 10:06 am

Spurs are a respectable 4-2 without Kawhi, but a tough loss today in a game that they should’ve had.

→ 2017/10/29 6:01 pm

Laughing again as I think about Kevin Nealon’s stand-up show last night. Really fun to see him live. Still hilarious.

→ 2017/10/29 5:27 pm

Submitted 1.2 for iOS to Apple. Hoping for a smooth trip through app review.

→ 2017/10/28 3:23 pm

iPhone 8 review, X pre-orders

Jason Snell mentioned on this week’s Upgrade that he had found a way to frame his iPhone 8 review, and today he posted it. Where most iPhone 8 reviews last month seemed overshadowed by the upcoming iPhone X, I think Jason’s review may have benefited from a little distance from the September Apple event.

It also reminded me about the missing headphone jack, which in the excitement of the pre-orders I had forgotten about. Sigh. From the review:

These upgraders also get to experience for the first time what the rest of us had to come to terms with a year ago: A one-way ticket to Dongletown, courtesy of a Lightning-to-headphone-jack adapter required by the removal of the headphone jack.

And on wireless charging, which I’m equally skeptical about:

Inductive charging is slower than USB charging, so if I’m trying to top up my battery before heading out, I’ll invariably prefer plugging in a Lightning cable. Dropping the phone on top of the small circle of the charging pad so that it’s properly aligned for the charge—the phone indicates that it’s charging and a small light appears on the charger base—is not really any less difficult in terms of mental focus than plugging in a Lightning cable.

As Daniel and I have discussed at several points on Core Intuition, I think Apple really gambled on splitting the product line between the 8 and X, and the pronunciation fumbles only add to the confusion and perception that the 8 isn’t a cutting-edge product. It’s at once the best phone in the world and old news.

It remains to be seen whether this split will impact sales. I’ll be watching for the quarterly results and Ben Thompson’s take.

Meanwhile, I’ve stuck to my first impression that it’s time for me to have a phone with the best cameras again. That means the iPhone X. I’ll miss the size of the iPhone SE, but now that my iPhone X pre-order is wrapped up, I’m looking forward to trying something new, and hoping that it captures a little of that first-generation iPhone feeling, when we knew we were holding a bit of the future.

Looks like I’ll get November 3rd delivery after all. Got the email to finish confirming my “reserved” iPhone X order. All good.

→ 2017/10/27 1:31 pm

Wish I had slept through this. Store wouldn’t load, then errors. Ended up with the “holding your reservation” email so who knows. Yawn.

→ 2017/10/27 2:40 am

Has everyone already submitted their iPhone X-compatible apps to the App Store? Thinking I’ll do that in the next few days.

→ 2017/10/26 6:54 pm

Core Intuition 302

We posted episode 302 of Core Intuition today. From the show notes:

Manton and Daniel anticipate the night of iPhone X pre-orders, and the shame of waking in the middle of the night to order a phone. They catch up with their faltering ambitions to ship MarsEdit and, and acknowledge the merit of sharing ambitions with others to help motivate progress. Finally, they contemplate whether eliminating a feature altogether is preferable to shipping it with obvious deficiencies.

Good luck to everyone trying to pre-order an iPhone X tonight!

Really love how the Discover pane works in for Mac now. It was the missing piece.

→ 2017/10/25 2:48 pm