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More research today on postage, envelopes, and related supplies for sending stickers. Think I’ll go with real stamps. Just more fun to pick out a nice set.

→ 2017/12/30 10:13 pm for iOS version 1.3.1 is now in the App Store. Fixes sharing photos from other apps and a few other changes.

→ 2017/12/29 9:32 pm

Added a “Posts” link to the navbar for sites to help unify some of the editing features. Much easier to click around in the web UI now.

→ 2017/12/29 2:12 pm

Still a lot of season to go, but I like the way the western conference is shaping up. Expect the Spurs to retake the #2 spot in January. 🏀

→ 2017/12/29 9:08 am

I like Avenir, but I’ve never been very consistent about using the original font or Avenir Next. Experimenting with Avenir Next on iOS, but on the desktop I’m not sure… Seems too wide? Maybe just need to get used to it.

→ 2017/12/28 10:44 am

I’ve been doing a lot of writing on the iPhone X. Decided to sell a couple of our older phones, including the SE. Still love that little phone, but as expected, can’t go back.

→ 2017/12/28 9:25 am

Finally updated to the Ulysses subscription. Nice to have the latest version with notch-aware full-screen layout on the iPhone X.

→ 2017/12/27 8:33 pm

Updated post editing and deleting in to work more consistently. New help page here describes it. Also improved a few of the built-in themes with better title support.

→ 2017/12/26 5:35 pm

Good basketball yesterday. Spurs got Christmas off this year, play tonight, and seem to have a pretty favorable schedule the next few weeks. 🏀

→ 2017/12/26 1:14 pm

Happy Holidays from

Thanks everyone for your support of this year! We’ve come a long way since I launched the Kickstarter campaign for Indie Microblogging back on January 2nd. We really appreciate all the feedback and new users who are embracing

Yesterday we added another “secret pin” to for the holidays. You can unlock it by posting to your own blog and mentioning Christmas, Hanukkah, or one of a bunch of different winter themes and celebrations for this time of year. (It also works for posts from last week, so you may already have unlocked the pin.)

We love adding pins because it encourages people to blog more, and we hope to do more in 2018. This is also a great time of year to earn the Daily Blogger, Photo Challenge, or Night Owl pins!

Wishing you and your family and friends the best this week. Thanks again for being part of the community.

Great to see all the interest in today! I’ve bumped up the daily limit on user registrations to let more people in.

→ 2017/12/23 4:01 pm

Twitter’s weeds

Mike Monteiro wrote on Medium this week about the daunting, insurmountable problems facing Twitter’s leadership team. He talked about meeting in person with Jack Dorsey:

We discussed Twitter’s role in the world stage. And I admired his vision, but feared his approach. Jack, and to an extent Twitter’s pet porg Biz Stone, have always believed that absolute free speech is the answer. They’re blind to the voices silenced by hate and intimidation. The voices that need to be protected. But anyone who’s ever tended a garden knows that for the good stuff to grow, you have to deal with the bad stuff. You can’t let the weeds choke the vegetables.

I love the metaphor of a garden. In fact, I wrote a whole chapter of my upcoming book Indie Microblogging about gardens. The chapter is a longer version of what Mike says above, but with a twist.

The issue isn’t that Twitter doesn’t care. It’s instead a fundamental design flaw in the platform. Because tweets don’t exist outside of Twitter, when you’re banned, you’re done. For this reason, and because their business depends on a large user base, Twitter is hesitant to throw anyone off their service. They’re unwilling to tend the garden for fear of pulling too many weeds.

Imagine instead a service based on blogs, where the internal posts on the platform were the same format as the external posts. The curators of the platform would have more freedom to block harassing posts and ban nazis because those problematic users could always retreat to their own web site and leave everyone else in the community alone.

That’s how the web is supposed to work. It’s a core principle of

Twitter will continue to improve. I believe they’re trying. But the root issue can’t be fixed without starting over.

UIKit and Eminem

Another week, another set of new podcasts. Daniel and I talked on Core Intuition about opening up and speculated on UIKit for the Mac:

Manton and Daniel talk about the major update to, and how to cope with demand as it either meets or doesn’t meet daily limits. They opine about the virtue of having a baseline product on which to build future updates. They react to Mark Gurman’s report that Apple has a plan to make it easier to bring iOS apps to the Mac, and finally, they catch up on Daniel’s post-release MarsEdit activity.

I also posted episode 91 of Timetable. It’s about 3 minutes on Eminem lyrics and getting your one shot.