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Sent a Kickstarter update to backers. I don’t usually ask for anything, but decided to close the email suggesting you invite a few friends to I know a lot of people are deleting Facebook this week, so maybe they’re looking for a new community too.

→ 2018/03/21 3:12 pm

Some extra delays in posting this morning. Should be getting back to normal now.

→ 2018/03/19 10:16 am

Watching more basketball as I work on some iOS stuff. Some great games today. Thought that UT would win a few, though. Now tuned into Kings/Warriors, tied in the 4th. 🏀

→ 2018/03/16 11:32 pm

Noticed more people wanting a second microblog lately, so rolled out support for custom blog titles today. Each blog can have its own title, custom domain, design, etc. shared under a single username. (Or create a new account if you want it completely separate.)

→ 2018/03/16 3:59 pm

Latest home screen. Not many changes recently… Sunlit is new and replaces Instagram. and Ulysses in the dock and used often. Top and bottom rows blank.

→ 2018/03/16 1:23 pm

Rethinking the Apple Watch platform

David Smith has shared the stats he’s been collecting on Apple Watch usage from his apps, hoping that Apple will drop support for the original Apple Watch (Series 0) sooner rather than later:

So far the data is looking promising that this dream of mine might actually be possible. The Series 3 is being adopted incredibly quickly and just last week became the most popular Apple Watch overall amongst my users with 33% of the overall user-base. The Series 0 is steadily falling, currently at around 24%.

Federico Viticci adds this in his link from MacStories:

I’ve been wondering about when Apple could drop support for the original Apple Watch in new versions of watchOS. For context, the original iPhone, launched in 2007, couldn’t be updated to iOS 4 in 2010, three years later. The Apple Watch will have its official third anniversary next month.

The big difference between the Apple Watch and the original iPhone or iPad is that many people (perhaps most) do not run third-party apps on the watch. Those people are not even counted in David Smith’s numbers. Unlike the iPhone and iPad, which are significantly improved with new apps, the Apple Watch is pretty good with only the built-in Apple features.

After a few years, I still wear my Series 0 every day. Here’s what I use it for:

  • Telling time. Also glancing at the upcoming event.
  • Notifications from Slack and
  • Fitness. I don’t launch the Workout app. I just let the watch notice when I’m exercising.

For these tasks, performance and API support just don’t matter as much. The way I use my Apple Watch is the equivalent of someone who only tells a HomePod to play Apple Music and asks no other questions. A little sad, but it works fine and I expect to keep the Series 0 for another year or so before upgrading.

I feel for developers who want the Apple Watch to be a much more mature platform. I want that too. But I don’t think it’s as simple as copying what has worked for native apps on Apple’s other platforms.

The future of the Apple Watch isn’t just better widgets; it’s voice. Both WatchKit and Siri need a major shakeup. Apple should make Siri more consistent across Apple Watch, iPhone, and HomePod, with a more flexible server-based API like Alexa. If they can do that while also rethinking WatchKit at the same time, even better.

Core Intuition 319 and WWDC

The latest Core Intuition is out. Daniel and I talk about WWDC and related topics for the full episode:

Daniel and Manton talk about Apple’s announcement that WWDC is officially happening in San Jose again. Daniel struggles to make a financial case for attending, while Manton continues to believe it’s essential to at least be in town for a few days. They talk about the possibility that other conferences would be a better use of time and money. Finally, they indulge a little speculation about WWDC and whether the promo art ever hints at any of the actual news to be announced.

Thanks for subscribing! Looking forward to seeing some Core Intuition listeners out in San Jose.

WWDC 2018 dates are set. I’ll be out in San Jose for a few days, and we’ll probably do a meetup again. Best of luck to everyone trying to get a ticket!

→ 2018/03/13 12:10 pm

Nice time at Open Coffee this morning. Just enough SXSW for me. Working outside at Halcyon for a little while.

→ 2018/03/13 11:03 am

Introducing the Micro Monday microcast

We’ve started a new podcast! Jean MacDonald will be hosting a weekly show talking with members of the community. I join her on the first episode to talk about our blogs and goals for the podcast.

You can listen to Micro Monday on the web, subscribe in Overcast, or follow @monday on Thanks for listening! Update: Check out our subscribe page for more links.

Mavs had a good 2nd quarter but it wasn’t enough against the Rockets. Still great to see Dirk play.

→ 2018/03/11 8:02 pm

Sunlit 2.0.1

We released an update to Sunlit today. Lots of little bug fixes and improvements. (The App Store has been slow this week, but it should show up in your Updates tab soon if it’s not already there.)

I also updated the timeline to add tiny photo thumbnails for Sunlit stories that have a title. Here’s a screenshot: timeline screenshot

Because is focused on microblogging, short posts without a title still show directly in the timeline, but longer posts with many photos and a title just link back to your web site. Adding this little preview gives a hint for what is behind those links.