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Timetable 66 and Release Notes

I posted a new Timetable today after listening to the Release Notes podcast where Charles and Joe discuss requiring in-app purchase subscriptions. As I talk about on Timetable, I’ve been working on the Mac version of, so it was a good opportunity to make a final decision on Mac App Store support.

Speaking of Release Notes, I’ll be out in Chicago for the conference next week. If you’re attending, hope to see you there. Ask me for a sticker.

Checked out Denton after the tour at University of North Texas yesterday. Nice coffee shop and used bookstore in the square too.

→ 2017/10/10 1:11 pm

The weather is incredible outside in Austin today. This must be what fall is supposed to feel like.

→ 2017/10/10 1:02 pm

Late posting Timetable today, but I did post it. Because: “You’ve gotta show up to work every single day.” — Casey Neistat

→ 2017/10/09 11:41 pm

Re-watched Blade Runner last night in prep for 2049. Might be the first time I’ve seen “the final cut”, too.

→ 2017/10/08 4:24 pm

Included an audio clip from Ginobili in today’s episode of Timetable. NBA season must be getting close.

→ 2017/10/05 4:17 pm

Core Intuition 299

One more week until our 300th episode! From the show notes for today’s episode:

Daniel and Manton talk about Daniel’s struggle to finish and release MarsEdit 4. They compare notes about using the WordPress API to import content, and Manton reveals he is working on a Mac app for They check in about the impact that increasing competition, or perception of it, on their long-time friendship and collaboration.

We’re announcing something new next week. Hope you can tune in for it.

Daniel and I have been plotting something to announce for our 300th episode next week. But first, editing episode 299 today.

→ 2017/10/05 10:55 am

Didn’t realize what a game-changer the Mac version of would be. Rediscovering how fun Mac software is.

→ 2017/10/05 10:00 am

Small but productive Homebrew Website Club meetup. Brainstormed venue ideas for IndieWebCamp Austin and have some great places to follow up on over the next couple weeks.

→ 2017/10/04 7:39 pm

Might demo the new Mac app for tonight at Homebrew Website Club. Also IndieWebCamp Austin planning.

→ 2017/10/04 3:02 pm for iOS 1.1.3 is now available. Fixes a few things, including a crash while editing a new post.

→ 2017/10/04 8:32 am

Whenever I worry that I’ve said something slightly controversial, it often turns out I didn’t go far enough. We’re all our own worst censor.

→ 2017/10/03 10:13 am

Last week I said that Mac unlock via the watch is great, even with Series 0. Gotta retract that. It’s nice, but not always fast or reliable.

→ 2017/10/02 1:13 pm themes open source launched with 6 unique themes, and advanced CSS support to customize many aspects of the design. I love seeing users take one of the existing themes and make it their own, such as what Dan Counsell has done with colors and fonts on his site.

The publishing engine for is based on Jekyll, so of course the themes are Jekyll themes as well. I wrote last year about why I chose Jekyll. I’ve forked several themes to improve their support for microblogs, JSON Feed, and IndieWeb standards.

A few of these changes are now up on GitHub. You can find these themes in the @microdotblog repository:

I’ll be updating the other themes on GitHub soon. While you can’t upload an entirely new theme to your account yet, many people have asked for that, and hopefully these themes will provide a starting point.

For anyone who has hit that crash in the iOS app when composing a post, through a bunch of Markdown trial and error I can now finally reproduce it 100%. Definitely will be fixed in the next update.

→ 2017/10/01 12:42 pm