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Doing some long-overdue maintenance on the Tweet Marker database, clearing out old sync data that is no longer needed. Fun to watch the Redis memory usage go down. (This will free up more room to scale on existing servers.)

→ 2018/05/08 5:39 pm

Reflecting on the 20-year anniversary of the iMac, I’m actually struck by how Mac sales haven’t increased as much as I thought they had. 4-5x, but in my head it seems like the Mac is 10x as popular.

→ 2018/05/07 3:28 pm

App Store propagation delays of 24+ hours might even be worse when you’re waiting for someone else’s app to go live. Still really confused by these delays.

→ 2018/05/07 1:45 pm

There’s a new Micro Monday up! Favorite line from this episode: how early blogging was like “a window into another part of the world”. (We’ve got 9 episodes now. Great way to see what the community is up to.)

→ 2018/05/07 11:36 am

Took some time this morning to update several of the help pages: how uses emoji, Mac release history, and iOS questions in the FAQ.

→ 2018/05/07 9:19 am

One month until WWDC, realized tonight that I had never booked my flights. Fixed now and lucked out with a good price.

→ 2018/05/04 10:38 pm

Instagram import in for Mac version 1.3 is now available. It features a brand new import feature for uploading an archive of Instagram photos to your blog.

The best way to explain it is to show it. Here’s a video:

You can download the latest version here or click “Check for Updates” in the for Mac app if you already have it installed. Let us know how it works for you and we’ll continue to make this better in future versions. There’s also a help page with more details.

Shipping a new Mac-only feature today. I know this is disappointing for Android and Windows users, but I think this year we’ll have a more complete cross-platform story. Thanks for your patience as we try to do a lot with a tiny team.

→ 2018/05/03 10:36 am

For anyone who downloaded their Instagram archive, how big was the .zip file? Mine was 30 MB, but I stopped posting last year and only had a few videos. Wondering if the average size is too big for anything except as a backup.

→ 2018/05/02 9:45 am

One year of

I’ve never sent an email to all users until today. As indie developers, sometimes I think we worry so much about accidentally spamming a customer that we err too much on the side of sending essentially no email. As we’re at about the 1-year mark for, it seemed like a good opportunity to send an update. Here’s the text of the email that went out.

A little over a year ago we started rolling out to Kickstarter backers. So much has happened since then — from new platform features to companion apps like Sunlit and Wavelength — that I wanted to highlight a few milestones.

First, thank you for your support. We wouldn’t be able to continue to improve without the feedback from the community. Special thanks to everyone who has supported directly with a paid plan for a hosted microblog.

If you haven’t checked out lately, here are some things that happened just in the last few months:

  • We launched a microcast called Micro Monday to feature members of the community. Each week, a different user joins Jean MacDonald for a quick interview about how they blog and what they like about
  • To make it easier for anyone to create a short podcast, Wavelength lets you record, edit, and publish a microcast from your iPhone. You can also upload MP3s from the web and serve a podcast at your own domain name.
  • Sunlit is our iOS app for posting photos and discovering photos and new users to follow. It’s a free app with more control over publishing stories with photos, text, and different filters.
  • There’s a new theme for hosted microblogs called Marfa. We use this theme on Micro Monday.
  • Medium was added as a cross-posting option. Post to your own blog and will automatically send a copy to Medium.
  • Expanded the Discover section on the web and in the native apps to highlight photos, podcasts, and more. It’s a great place to see what people are posting about or find new people to follow.

You can always add a new hosted microblog or upgrade a trial by clicking “Plans” from on the web.

Any questions or feedback? Don’t hesitate to let us know:

— Manton

Watching part of Zuckerberg’s F8 keynote. Facebook totally on the defensive. Fascinating.

→ 2018/05/01 12:16 pm

Updated the microcast hosting on to support customizing the iTunes “author” tag. It’ll default to your account name, but sometimes that’s a podcast name and you want a real person’s name for the author.

→ 2018/05/01 11:29 am

Sunlit 2.1

We released version 2.1 of Sunlit today, our companion app for photos on Here are the changes:

  • Added support for posting to multiple blogs. Tap the URL when publishing (or your profile photo in Settings) to change the default blog.
  • Added setting to disable WordPress gallery support for external blogs.
  • Added header to Discover section.
  • Improved story publishing speed by uploading multiple photos at once.
  • Improved layout of Settings screen into publishing and import groups.

Photos continue to be a really important part of, especially as more and more people are disillusioned with Facebook and Instagram. Here’s how I see it: a network of independent photo blogs is a much better replacement for Instagram than yet another closed photo silo. Sunlit is just one piece of the puzzle.