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Checking out Cafe Creme as possible Homebrew Website Club space… Nice coffee shop, meeting room, but looks like they close at 6pm.

→ 2017/08/18 1:48 pm

Picked up the Samsung T3 SSD yesterday to offload some large files and give my MacBook Pro more room. Usually like to keep everything on a single drive and nearly everything on Dropbox, but this’ll buy time before the next MacBook Pro upgrade.

→ 2017/08/17 7:47 am

Listeners may be surprised by my thoughts on Ulysses and subscriptions for tomorrow’s Core Int. It’s a big episode. Might try to do another transcript.

→ 2017/08/15 8:37 am

Always baffled by this house wiring. Installed a new Nest Protect… The smoke alarm power goes out when the kitchen lights are off.

→ 2017/08/13 2:28 pm for iOS 1.0.4 is now in the App Store with a fix for that “Share…” crash on the iPad.

→ 2017/08/11 9:59 pm

Charging my Leaf while having a coffee and working at Whole Foods for the afternoon. Gave up on the wi-fi. Tethering to 2-bar LTE is faster.

→ 2017/08/10 4:28 pm

Liking the new Swarm app redesign. Cleaner, simpler, flatter. Looks great and feels easier to use.

→ 2017/08/09 10:43 pm 1.0.3 is now in the App Store. New user profile screen, share menu item, and other improvements.

→ 2017/08/09 3:20 pm

Updated my post on Apple News shortly after publishing to actually include links. Wasn’t fair to say they’re off the rails without linking.

→ 2017/08/09 1:27 pm

“The situation with North Korea would be an extreme challenge for a leader with ability and judgment. President Trump is simply too erratic, unstable and dangerous to be in charge in a situation like this.” — Josh Marshall

→ 2017/08/08 4:39 pm

Pushing the next iOS build up to Apple for approval. A few people are still on TestFlight… You should switch to the App Store version.

→ 2017/08/08 11:04 am