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iMac Pro-related confession: I only have 8 GB in my MacBook Pro. On this computer I’ve built, developed iOS apps, edited hundreds of podcasts, and produced a Kickstarter video. Good value.

→ 2017/12/14 10:40 am

I’m slowing down this week. Working on several improvements that I’ll hold to release all at once next week: web, iOS, and Mac.

→ 2017/12/14 10:23 am

At Halcyon for Homebrew Website Club. Deployed a minor update to the navigation bar, to make the web version a little more consistent with the native apps.

→ 2017/12/13 8:01 pm

Nice blog post from David Smith about Workouts++ 2.0. (If you’re reading this on Twitter, a “blog post” is where you write about things you care about. Kind of like a Twitter thread, but with more room for editing, styled text, and links.)

→ 2017/12/13 8:37 am

Since Tantek is still in Austin, we’re having a last-minute Homebrew Website Club meetup tonight! 6:30pm at Halcyon on 4th street. Join us to chat about the IndieWeb or work on your own site.

→ 2017/12/13 8:01 am

Watched the Doug Jones victory speech. Great campaign and great turnout. Alabama, you did it.

→ 2017/12/12 10:30 pm

Need a break from watching CNN. Switched over to basketball until there are more results from Alabama in.

→ 2017/12/12 7:31 pm

Kawhi may be back for tomorrow’s Spurs game in Dallas. He’s been out 27 games, the most he’s missed of any season in his career. Spurs are on track for 55+ wins even without him. 🏀

→ 2017/12/11 3:28 pm

Worked on expanding’s Micropub endpoint with support for bookmark-of today during IndieWebCamp Austin. The weekend really helped clarify how I want to approach replies, favorites/bookmarks, and other reactions.

→ 2017/12/10 9:40 pm

Aaron Parecki talking about the building blocks of the IndieWeb — your own domain name, types of posts, Microformats, Webmention, and more — at IndieWebCamp.

→ 2017/12/09 10:56 am

IndieWebCamp Austin is this weekend! We’ll have IndieWeb co-founders @t and @aaronpk in town for the event. Join us for a day of IndieWeb topics, plus a hack day to work on your own web site or new projects.

→ 2017/12/06 3:28 pm

Cold, rainy day in Austin. Must’ve rushed out the door, because only realize after my meeting downtown that I have been wearing my jacket inside out all morning.

→ 2017/12/06 12:03 pm

Alabama, you can do this. Doug Jones will be a great senator. One week left to get out the vote.

→ 2017/12/04 1:36 pm

Secret feature I like in’s WordPress import: if your blog photos are no longer online, it hits the Internet Archive to look for a copy there. Why open APIs are good.

→ 2017/12/04 12:53 pm

Can’t expect too much with most of the Spurs resting or hurt, but they had an open shot to tie the game against the Thunder with 5 seconds left. Great defense from the bench. Almost stole this one. 🏀

→ 2017/12/03 8:52 pm