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The Developers Union is a good idea. I’d love to see Apple incorporate some kind of discussion at WWDC each year specifically about what the union is advocating for. Kind of like the old WWDC feedback sessions, but with a very narrow focus.

→ 2018/05/18 3:45 pm

Today the first third-party Android app for is out in beta. This is a really big deal. Now to find where that old Android test phone is buried in my messy office.

→ 2018/05/15 1:11 pm

Trying out the Cappuccino feed reader. Looks like it has partial compatibility with JSON Feed too. (Works in some feeds, but not the timeline feed.)

→ 2018/05/15 12:17 pm

Since the day I introduced Tweet Marker, people wondered if Twitter would add an official timeline sync API. They never did and clearly never will. It’s been about 7 years.

→ 2018/05/14 2:00 pm

Shipping a new Mac-only feature today. I know this is disappointing for Android and Windows users, but I think this year we’ll have a more complete cross-platform story. Thanks for your patience as we try to do a lot with a tiny team.

→ 2018/05/03 10:36 am

For anyone who downloaded their Instagram archive, how big was the .zip file? Mine was 30 MB, but I stopped posting last year and only had a few videos. Wondering if the average size is too big for anything except as a backup.

→ 2018/05/02 9:45 am

Watching part of Zuckerberg’s F8 keynote. Facebook totally on the defensive. Fascinating.

→ 2018/05/01 12:16 pm

Updated the microcast hosting on to support customizing the iTunes “author” tag. It’ll default to your account name, but sometimes that’s a podcast name and you want a real person’s name for the author.

→ 2018/05/01 11:29 am

Fixed an issue this morning that should make a dramatic improvement to how fast a post shows up in the timeline from a blog.

→ 2018/04/30 9:33 am

Still reflecting on my time at Peers last week. Met some great people. Gave a talk about microblogging. meetup. ☕ Great conference and a fun week. Hope everyone enjoyed their time in Austin!

→ 2018/04/28 4:32 pm

Having a great time at Peers. Reminder: we’re having meetup at Juan Pelota Cafe on Friday morning, 8:30am. If you’re in Austin, hope you can join us!

→ 2018/04/26 4:31 pm