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Looks like a lot of great work came out of IndieWeb Summit hacking yesterday. Watched some of the video and tried to keep up on Slack. I didn’t end up having as much time as I hoped, but still deployed a handful of fixes to over the weekend.

→ 2017/06/26 9:05 am

Excited to hear from everyone attending IndieWeb Summit in Portland this weekend. I’ll be in IRC/Slack. Hoping to have a chance to improve some related parts of

→ 2017/06/24 9:09 am

Expecting great things when the Spurs use their 59th pick in the NBA Draft tonight. (4-time NBA champion Manu Ginobili was 57th.)

→ 2017/06/22 4:39 pm

We saw Cars 3 this week and enjoyed it. Maybe my favorite of the series. Pixar is the best at trying to fit an original story into sequels.

→ 2017/06/22 7:49 am

Danny Green is an important part of the team. No way I’d trade him to get Chris Paul. Spurs are competitive as-is with only minor changes.

→ 2017/06/21 8:36 pm

Democrats have a serious, near catastrophic turnout problem. Time to stop blaming the candidate and figure out what is wrong on the ground.

→ 2017/06/20 8:45 pm

I’ll admit it. I’ve checked a few times today if the latest Planet of the Apps episode is out yet.

→ 2017/06/20 4:38 pm

Fixed inconsistency between conversation threads on the web vs. the iOS app. Much better.

→ 2017/06/20 3:58 pm

Since I can’t be at IndieWebSummit next weekend, thinking up some IndieWeb-related improvements to I can work on. Micropub and Webmention support could still be improved.

→ 2017/06/18 11:44 am

Glad we finally switched to AT&T’s unlimited wireless plan. With 5 phones, we kept going over, and it removes any worry when tethering.

→ 2017/06/17 11:38 am

Still not using Uber and wasn’t even going to write about them, but a conversation at lunch sparked some more thoughts. I’ll post on Monday.

→ 2017/06/16 5:27 pm

I didn’t quit a great job 2 years ago to go work on something I didn’t believe in. If Instagram is cool with copying Snapchat, showing more ads, and never improving their API… Hey, welcome to Facebook. I’d rather work on things that I think matter.

→ 2017/06/14 10:47 pm

Interesting how much leeway we give to Instagram because their 1.0 was so great. API that doesn’t allow posting? Should be unacceptable.

→ 2017/06/14 9:41 pm

Today’s update to Reeder for iOS includes initial support for JSON Feed. This is my default feed reader, so very happy to see this.

→ 2017/06/14 1:16 pm