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This has been a really intense week. Good to take a break and watch the end of the Spurs/Grizzlies game 6. Looking forward to round 2.

→ 2017/04/27 11:44 pm

Long day. Great questions and feedback about Just posted a new episode of Timetable with some day 1 and 2 thoughts.

→ 2017/04/25 8:12 pm

Started invites to Kickstarter backers today, but first spent most of the day on improvements and last-minute fixes. More progress tomorrow.

→ 2017/04/25 12:05 am

Added about 20 new tasks to OmniFocus for all the little (and big!) things I need to wrap up by tomorrow. Checking them off.

→ 2017/04/23 12:01 pm

Spreadsheet prep to get invites organized. Scrolling through, grateful to all who thought the Kickstarter was worth supporting. Thank you.

→ 2017/04/23 10:31 am

Tough to be tied 2-2 after such a game from Kawhi. The shot to go up 2 with 12 seconds, and then the 3’s in OT. Everything but the win.

→ 2017/04/22 10:17 pm

Rewriting a significant part of the API a few days before the beta rollout. What could go wrong? Better now than later.

→ 2017/04/21 10:25 am

Finished building’s batch invite system for Kickstarter rewards. Surprising number of features to do it correctly.

→ 2017/04/20 5:23 pm

Started using LogDNA last night and now that I have a full day of data, very useful. Already improving how and what I log.

→ 2017/04/19 4:23 pm

People complain about the Spurs’ guards. But Parker from 3 last night: 3-5. Green: 4-5. Good win despite letting Memphis back in the game.

→ 2017/04/18 9:11 am

Sent another update to Kickstarter backers today and also publishing a new Timetable episode soon. This is going to be a fun week.

→ 2017/04/17 3:33 pm

Good games yesterday. Pacers had a chance. Bucks had Giannis. Utah with a buzzer-beater. Spurs with a blowout. Happy Easter! Playoffs day 2.

→ 2017/04/16 9:11 am

Posted another episode of Timetable, the 4th in a row this week. I think I’ll be able to stick with the Monday through Friday schedule.

→ 2017/04/14 9:17 pm

Spurs round 1 tickets plan: If they lose game 1, get tickets for game 2. If they win game 1 and lose 2, get tickets to game 5. If the first 4 games are split, get tickets to a possible game 7. If they sweep or win in 6 without triggering the previous steps, wait until round 2.

→ 2017/04/13 12:14 pm

Very important not to overreact to competition. Pay attention to it, plan for it, but stay the course.

→ 2017/04/11 8:51 am