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Sent a Kickstarter update to backers. I don’t usually ask for anything, but decided to close the email suggesting you invite a few friends to I know a lot of people are deleting Facebook this week, so maybe they’re looking for a new community too.

→ 2018/03/21 3:12 pm

Some extra delays in posting this morning. Should be getting back to normal now.

→ 2018/03/19 10:16 am

Watching more basketball as I work on some iOS stuff. Some great games today. Thought that UT would win a few, though. Now tuned into Kings/Warriors, tied in the 4th. 🏀

→ 2018/03/16 11:32 pm

Noticed more people wanting a second microblog lately, so rolled out support for custom blog titles today. Each blog can have its own title, custom domain, design, etc. shared under a single username. (Or create a new account if you want it completely separate.)

→ 2018/03/16 3:59 pm

Latest home screen. Not many changes recently… Sunlit is new and replaces Instagram. and Ulysses in the dock and used often. Top and bottom rows blank.

→ 2018/03/16 1:23 pm

WWDC 2018 dates are set. I’ll be out in San Jose for a few days, and we’ll probably do a meetup again. Best of luck to everyone trying to get a ticket!

→ 2018/03/13 12:10 pm

Nice time at Open Coffee this morning. Just enough SXSW for me. Working outside at Halcyon for a little while.

→ 2018/03/13 11:03 am

Lots of things happening at once. Today is the 16th anniversary of my blog. Worked on something brand new today that we’ll release on Monday.

→ 2018/03/09 3:16 pm

If you like what we’re doing with Sunlit, consider leaving a quick review in the App Store. We don’t link or prompt anywhere in the app for reviews.

→ 2018/03/08 9:53 am

Updated the timeline to show tiny preview thumbnails for the first few photos in Sunlit stories that have a title. Gives a hint as to what is behind the link before you click it.

→ 2018/03/07 8:58 pm

Rolled out some performance improvements to feed downloading last night, which should make several things a little faster.

→ 2018/03/07 8:59 am

Postponing the Sunlit release until tomorrow. App Store caching seems completely unreliable today. Not thrilled by this delay because we’ve had additional fixes for 2.0.1 we could’ve submitted if we knew we had an extra day of doing nothing.

→ 2018/03/06 5:21 pm

Tired of waiting for the App Store to update, so instead I worked on something I can control: deployed some server improvements to add a Conversation link on the web for any post that has replies.

→ 2018/03/06 3:23 pm