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So easy to underestimate that last 10% of work. Taking care of some first-launch details, default accounts, and of course bugs.

→ 2017/04/02 1:30 pm

Posted a couple photos as I update my workflow to use’s better photo cross-posting. Still need to consolidate feeds.

→ 2017/03/30 5:04 pm

Wanted to test this photoblog UI and thought: San Antonio is a nice place to take photos. So had to buy tickets to Warriors/Spurs tonight.

→ 2017/03/29 9:55 am

Didn’t expect much from my bracket, but after that great UNC win I’ve somehow picked 3 teams correctly in the Final Four. (Not S. Carolina.)

→ 2017/03/26 7:43 pm

Busy morning! Stopped for Tacodeli to start the day right. Big announcement going out to Kickstarter backers soon.

→ 2017/03/21 9:09 am

I’ve tried everything for cutting cable. Sling, Hulu, HBO, iTunes. PlayStation Vue on the Apple TV is the real deal. The best by far.

→ 2017/03/20 10:46 am

Finishing some web backend work this morning while the kids play Zelda. I’m not very far in the game yet, but so impressed with it.

→ 2017/03/11 10:24 am

Even with Kawhi out, very risky to rest so many players on the Warriors tonight. The #1 seed is going to be decided by a couple games.

→ 2017/03/11 10:01 am

Spent the morning trying out Docker to more quickly bring up server instances for certain parts of Very nice.

→ 2017/03/09 1:20 pm

Experimented with Minio last night while watching the Spurs come back to win after being down 28 points. Might solve some problems for me.

→ 2017/03/09 8:18 am