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Working in Objective-C today. So nice. Calling methods on nil like it’s 2002 WWDC San Jose.

→ 2017/02/27 3:02 pm

Search and smart folders in Apple Mail have become so unreliable (presumably stale Spotlight indexing), giving Airmail for Mac another try.

→ 2017/02/27 11:45 am

Just sent an update to Kickstarter backers. Short version: I’m delaying username invites so that I can launch them with microblog hosting.

→ 2017/02/23 10:53 am

The “Your disk is almost full” notification in macOS Sierra is a bit aggressive. Dismiss it, comes back about 10 seconds later.

→ 2017/02/21 1:35 pm

Since Uber and Lyft left Austin, I’ve looked for replacements only briefly, because I thought Uber would be back and the company might not be run by jerks. Now deleted the app and ready to move on.

→ 2017/02/21 9:21 am

Listening to Sting’s new album after seeing him perform last night. Great show. 20+ years since we saw him at Southpark Meadows in Austin.

→ 2017/02/20 10:48 am

Editing some more Jekyll themes for It will ship with 6 default themes and custom CSS to tinker with the design.

→ 2017/02/19 9:22 am

Washington Post’s new exclusive today that Flynn lied to the FBI, following their exclusive last week about the transcripts. They clearly have a great source. Reminds me so much of All the President’s Men.

→ 2017/02/16 5:16 pm

Posted Core Intuition 271. Recorded before the WWDC announcement, so we dissected Planet of the Apps, plus an updated Siri vs. Alexa debate.

→ 2017/02/16 3:23 pm

I attended WWDC in San Jose a few times. Moving it to SF was the right call. But a city can change in 15 years too. Maybe worth a chance.

→ 2017/02/16 10:58 am

After hearing the WWDC San Jose news, had to go to a dentist appointment. Tried to use that time to think about this means. Still not sure.

→ 2017/02/16 10:21 am

I’ve had some flakiness with my WordPress site over the last few months. Updating to PHP 7 (no FastCGI) seems to have fixed it.

→ 2017/02/15 1:49 pm

Working on API documentation. Haven’t shared it yet because the API needs to be better. Even just writing it up helps me decide what to fix.

→ 2017/02/14 5:32 pm