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Finally added a favicon to Not a dozen sizes, which had kind of scared me off, but just one. Looks nice.

→ 2017/07/24 1:24 pm

Yesterday we posted Core Intuition 290. The date in the feed was wrong at first, so scroll back in your podcast app if you missed it.

→ 2017/07/23 11:12 am

Finished some server upgrades. Rolling out a new cross-posting feature later this morning.

→ 2017/07/20 9:09 am

Moved Ulysses on iOS to my home screen now that I’ve had a chance to test out the Dropbox support with my 1k+ notes folder. Working well.

→ 2017/07/19 10:06 am

Enjoyed watching a bunch of NBA Summer League, including most of the Spurs games and yes, Lonzo Ball. Can’t wait for the preseason. πŸ€

→ 2017/07/17 10:51 pm

I’ve been so happy with my messenger bag that I ordered Tom Bihn’s Aeronaut 45 for travel. It arrived today. Looks perfect.

→ 2017/07/17 2:15 pm for iOS version 1.0.2 was approved and should be in your Updates tab. iPad keyboard shortcuts and a few fixes.

→ 2017/07/17 11:48 am

We fixed Markdown blockquote formatting yesterday for hosted sites. Hoping to experiment more with quoting as a “repost” alternative.

→ 2017/07/17 11:11 am

It’s too easy to blame distractions for lack of productivity. Then you have a big stretch of uninterrupted time β€” as I have right now β€”Β and actually have to finish something. No excuses.

→ 2017/07/16 1:46 pm

Looking forward to the new Game of Thrones tonight, even though my interest has kind of drifted away the last few seasons. Mostly caught up.

→ 2017/07/16 12:33 pm

Disappointed that the Spurs couldn’t keep Jonathan Simmons. Enjoyed watching him in Austin and then San Antonio. He has a great story.

→ 2017/07/14 3:20 pm

Sent an update to Kickstarter backers announcing the App Store version of, friend invites, and recent progress.

→ 2017/07/13 1:27 pm

No matter what happens, the 2016 election loss cannot be undone. But these Donald Jr. emails look really bad. Seems textbook collusion.

→ 2017/07/11 2:33 pm