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Included an audio clip from Ginobili in today’s episode of Timetable. NBA season must be getting close.

→ 2017/10/05 4:17 pm

Daniel and I have been plotting something to announce for our 300th episode next week. But first, editing episode 299 today.

→ 2017/10/05 10:55 am

Didn’t realize what a game-changer the Mac version of would be. Rediscovering how fun Mac software is.

→ 2017/10/05 10:00 am

Small but productive Homebrew Website Club meetup. Brainstormed venue ideas for IndieWebCamp Austin and have some great places to follow up on over the next couple weeks.

→ 2017/10/04 7:39 pm

Might demo the new Mac app for tonight at Homebrew Website Club. Also IndieWebCamp Austin planning.

→ 2017/10/04 3:02 pm for iOS 1.1.3 is now available. Fixes a few things, including a crash while editing a new post.

→ 2017/10/04 8:32 am

Whenever I worry that I’ve said something slightly controversial, it often turns out I didn’t go far enough. We’re all our own worst censor.

→ 2017/10/03 10:13 am

Last week I said that Mac unlock via the watch is great, even with Series 0. Gotta retract that. It’s nice, but not always fast or reliable.

→ 2017/10/02 1:13 pm

For anyone who has hit that crash in the iOS app when composing a post, through a bunch of Markdown trial and error I can now finally reproduce it 100%. Definitely will be fixed in the next update.

→ 2017/10/01 12:42 pm

I love Nintendo. Always will. But if they can’t manufacture a 25-year-old system in sufficient numbers to meet demand, something is wrong.

→ 2017/09/29 2:00 pm

We’re meeting at Monkey Nest again next Wednesday for Homebrew Website Club. 6:30pm. Planning is underway for an IndieWebCamp in Austin!

→ 2017/09/29 12:27 pm

Going to be in San Antonio this weekend for WordCamp. Never attended before, but I need to be more clued into the WordPress community.

→ 2017/09/28 1:49 pm

Even for user accounts that get 280 characters, posting over 140 is blocked from the Twitter API. Hope this is laziness and not malice.

→ 2017/09/28 8:37 am

For some reason I never enabled the “allow Apple Watch to unlock your Mac” feature until this week. Love it.

→ 2017/09/27 9:19 am