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Great time at Refresh Austin last night, talking about indie microblogging and meeting everyone. Thanks for coming! Buffalo Billiards was a perfect venue because I didn’t need to leave to watch the incredible Spurs/Rockets OT finish.

→ 2017/05/10 10:17 am

Rolled out more server improvements, and a new iPhone beta to TestFlight users. Still getting really good feedback.

→ 2017/05/05 3:08 pm

Tony Parker out for the season. Feel so bad for him. I don’t know what Pop is going to do, but I’d start Dejounte Murray. Bring Patty Mills in at 6 minutes. Time to step up.

→ 2017/05/04 8:20 pm

Sent a new iPhone beta to the TestFlight group with a few important fixes. Also deployed some server improvements last night and this morning.

→ 2017/05/03 10:09 am

I seem to have mostly replaced my $4 coffee drive-thru habit with $6 JuiceLand. And cheap cold-brew coffee at home.

→ 2017/05/02 2:16 pm

A server “optimization” I made a couple of days ago really ruined how RSS feeds are refreshed over the weekend. It’s much better now.

→ 2017/05/01 12:11 am

Ran out of time today for everything, but I’m pushing a new iPhone build to TestFlight with some minor improvements.

→ 2017/04/28 6:53 pm

This has been a really intense week. Good to take a break and watch the end of the Spurs/Grizzlies game 6. Looking forward to round 2.

→ 2017/04/27 11:44 pm

Long day. Great questions and feedback about Just posted a new episode of Timetable with some day 1 and 2 thoughts.

→ 2017/04/25 8:12 pm

Started invites to Kickstarter backers today, but first spent most of the day on improvements and last-minute fixes. More progress tomorrow.

→ 2017/04/25 12:05 am

Added about 20 new tasks to OmniFocus for all the little (and big!) things I need to wrap up by tomorrow. Checking them off.

→ 2017/04/23 12:01 pm