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Postponing the Sunlit release until tomorrow. App Store caching seems completely unreliable today. Not thrilled by this delay because we’ve had additional fixes for 2.0.1 we could’ve submitted if we knew we had an extra day of doing nothing.

→ 2018/03/06 5:21 pm

Tired of waiting for the App Store to update, so instead I worked on something I can control: deployed some server improvements to add a Conversation link on the web for any post that has replies.

→ 2018/03/06 3:23 pm

Pretty annoyed with the App Store this morning. Waiting 3+ hours for Sunlit to show up. Can never tell if I should wait a little longer or if it’s just broken.

→ 2018/03/06 12:22 pm

Micro Monday: @mikehaynes, who posts about comics, shares photos, and writes about technology. Mike is designing a third-party app for Android.

→ 2018/03/05 11:13 pm

Still haven’t seen The Shape of Water, but can’t argue with any of the Oscar wins. Best actor/actress/supporting were all my favorites. Especially happy for Glen Keane.

→ 2018/03/05 8:15 am

Spent hours creating preview videos for Sunlit 2.0 only to realize I should have created them on a 5.5-inch iPhone instead of the iPhone X. Whoops. Screenshots will probably be sparse on non-X devices for launch unless I have time to redo everything.

→ 2018/03/04 6:58 pm

We watched Three Billboards today in anticipation of the Oscars tonight. Really great. Still missed out on a few films I was hoping to catch, including the best animated nominees The Breadwinner and Loving Vincent.

→ 2018/03/04 6:05 pm

Micro Monday: @kitt, a long-time blogger who posts photos to her microblog, writes about books and more, and has participated in many great conversations on She also completely customized the look of her microblog with CSS.

→ 2018/02/27 12:00 am

We went to see Darkest Hour yesterday, and today rented Dunkirk. Both excellent. Seeing them together gave each film even more meaning.

→ 2018/02/25 12:32 pm

Great write-up at MacStories about podcast creation app Anchor. I like what they’re doing (I’ve had similar ideas for audio hosting) but unless podcasters can use their own domain name, concerned it’s another silo dead-end.

→ 2018/02/22 3:37 pm

This week has been going by way too quick. Month is almost over, and so much work left to do. At least the NBA starts up again tomorrow. 🏀

→ 2018/02/21 9:08 am

Enjoyed the all-star game more than I expected. Didn’t catch the whole thing… Most of the first half and the great final few minutes. But now we’ve gotta wait 4 more days until the next NBA game. 🏀

→ 2018/02/19 12:16 am