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Interesting how much leeway we give to Instagram because their 1.0 was so great. API that doesn’t allow posting? Should be unacceptable.

→ 2017/06/14 9:41 pm

Today’s update to Reeder for iOS includes initial support for JSON Feed. This is my default feed reader, so very happy to see this.

→ 2017/06/14 1:16 pm

Whenever there’s a new Nintendo announcement at E3, I remember that I still own @wii on Twitter. No one knows why.

→ 2017/06/13 2:36 pm

I expect that iOS 11 will get developers excited about building universal apps again. I know it has for me.

→ 2017/06/13 2:09 pm

Rolled out a few improvements to photo cross-posting in, so that it detects more img tags.

→ 2017/06/12 4:56 pm

A little bummed that I also lost my IndieWebCamp sticker when Apple replaced my MacBook screen. Gotta attend another Homebrew Website Club.

→ 2017/06/12 3:30 pm

Short-lived experiment of using the iPad Pro exclusively. Picking up my MacBook Pro at the Apple Store this afternoon. Apparently the screen needed replacing too. Happy to have AppleCare on this one.

→ 2017/06/12 1:46 pm

Since I’m iOS-only for a few days, decided to upgrade my Lightning mic to the Shure MV88. Free same-day shipping on a Sunday! What a world.

→ 2017/06/11 7:07 pm

No surprise, but working on the iPad Pro, I tend to get more tasks done for which iOS is a good choice. More writing, for example. Maybe I’ll make some progress on the book.

→ 2017/06/11 6:56 am

Dropping off my Mac to get fixed. Tempted to buy a new 15-inch, but don’t want to spend $3k under pressure. Maybe iPad-only for a few days.

→ 2017/06/10 4:39 pm

I was at a game when the Warriors erased a 20-point Spurs lead, so Cavs still have to play a perfect next 3 quarters. Can’t let up.

→ 2017/06/09 8:54 pm

Mostly just post photos to my own blog now. Catching up on Instagram after WWDC, it’s a week of photos, all out of order. The anti-timeline.

→ 2017/06/09 7:09 pm

Always a little conflicted with posting negative essays about Apple. So many great engineers there. It’s not them; it’s the larger vision.

→ 2017/06/09 3:34 pm

Post-WWDC catching up on bugs. Fixed an issue on hosted sites that prevented connections from some cellular and IPv6 networks.

→ 2017/06/09 12:41 pm

iOS 11 on the iPad is such a nice experience. Using my iPad Pro more this week, especially until my MacBook Pro noise is fixed.

→ 2017/06/09 8:53 am

Flying home. Great to see everyone at WWDC this week. Hope the rest of the week is a good one.

→ 2017/06/07 5:14 pm

Maybe because I said I was from Texas, my Lyft driver thought it was safe to give me a political lecture on conservatism. No thanks.

→ 2017/06/07 4:54 pm

Randomly visited the San Jose Museum of Art. Maybe because I’ve been thinking about photoblogging, but struck by how many Ansel Adams photographs are either square or nearly square (4×5).

→ 2017/06/06 6:51 pm