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Our neighbor’s tree fell into our yard from the wind last night. Hope everyone’s staying safe as more rain dumps on Texas.

→ 2017/08/27 2:56 pm

Inspired by Breath of the Wild, we’ve been picking up all the old Zelda games again. Latest is Ocarina of Time on the N64.

→ 2017/08/23 4:59 pm

Wizard of Oz at the Zilker Hillside Theater. Glad to have caught the final show last night.

→ 2017/08/13 5:19 pm

The first sign for Austin on our drive back from Santa Fe, as the setting sun lit up the clouds.

→ 2017/08/07 5:14 pm

Wind farm somewhere between Lubbock and Abilene. Thousands of wind turbines in Texas.

→ 2017/08/06 8:34 am