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Fantasia 2000 Trailer at IMAX

The following post to the rec.arts.disney.animation newsgroup is the first I've heard of the trailer being seen. In the coming months no doubt we'll be seeing a more widespread release of the trailer and other promotional materials.

Subject: Fantasia 2000 Trailer
Date: September 19, 1999
Author: Glaucon

This afternoon I caught a film at my local IMAX Theatre (Spokane, WA) and was surprised to see a trailer for "Fantasia 2000" before the main feature. I wasn't aware there was one running yet because I hadn't seen it posted here. It played before "T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous," which wasn't one of the better IMAX films but worth sitting through just to see this trailer.

Typical of trailers is was cut rather quickly, and on a screen as big as IMAX it was difficult to really absorb all of the images as they flickered past, but it looked absolutely spectacular. Is opened with scenes of "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" at roughly the size of a standard movie screen, then the image expanded to fill the whole IMAX screen. The range of visual styles was quite interesting - from the more traditional looking Noah's Ark segment with Donald Duck, to the flamingos of "Carnival of the Animals" that appeared somewhat flat and two-dimensional, to the "Rapsody in Blue" segment very stylistically reminiscent of the characatures of Al Hirshfeld (as I believe had been noted in earlier posts). Then there were the computer animated segments, "The Steadfast Tin Soldier" and "Pines of Rome" humpbacks, which really didn't appear to have that obvious computer-generated look. In fact, when the trailer ended I almost had to remind myself which segments were the computer ones. I saw little that I believed to be from the opening abstract sequence, and the clips that I can only assume are from "The Firebird Suite" segment were quite stunning, but I can remember so little of what they looked like now many hours later that I can't really describe them. Perhaps someone else who has seen it could say more.

Although I had read it posted here that the 1940 "Nutcracker Suite" section has been cut, and the pre-film slide show (PowerPoint actually) with ads for the film mentioned only one original section would be returning, there was one short clip in the trailer of the dewdrop fairies. I guess this trailer must have been distributed before the cut was made.