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Major update to Micro.blog today

Micro.blog is now available to anyone. There’s a limit of 100 new sign-ups each day, so that we can better respond to feedback as the community grows. Thanks so much to the thousands of Kickstarter backers and new users who have helped us improve the platform this year.

We’re also rolling out the following improvements across the web, iOS, and Mac versions of Micro.blog:

Mac icon

  • New app icons on iOS and Mac! We love this redesign by Brad Ellis. Micro.blog now feels much more at home on macOS.
  • Added photo upload to the web version of Micro.blog.
  • Added a “Show More” button to load more posts in the timeline on iOS and Mac.
  • Fixed Discover section in iOS and Mac to allow selecting posts.
  • Improved iOS sharing from Safari to include the page title in addition to URL and selected text.
  • Experiment with following domain name user accounts. The first is @nytimes.com, letting you see headlines from The New York Times home page in your timeline. (This is not affiliated with the New York Times. It’s possible because Micro.blog works with RSS feeds.)

Plus a bunch of minor improvements and bug fixes. You can download the latest versions of Micro.blog from the iOS App Store or directly for your Mac.