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Micro.blog post editing

Micro.blog users have wanted the ability to edit microblog posts for a while. We planned to add it, but first I thought we needed an edit history and probably a window of time during which edits are allowed, to prevent people from abusing edits by changing the meaning of a post in an earlier conversation.

While I still want those things, I realized that they were just excuses to put off implementing the feature. And with full pages and longer posts, editing was increasingly a big omission.

This week I rolled out a complete overhaul to the posts interface under your Micro.blog account. The layout is better, it’s more prominently linked in the UI, there’s an easy way to switch between posts and pages, and you can finally edit posts.

Micro.blog screenshot

There are a couple quirks of the UI still to improve. For example, if you’d like post edits to be reflected in the timeline, you should click the Remove link in the timeline so that Micro.blog pulls the latest version from your microblog. I’ll be working on polishing those areas over the coming weeks. But already it is much better. Enjoy!

Second episode

“Daniel Jalkut”:http://www.red-sweater.com/blog/504/core-intuition-traveling-luddites and I just posted the 2nd episode of “Core Intuition”:http://www.coreint.org/. I’m not sure which is a bigger milestone: starting the podcast to begin with or sticking with it for at least two shows. I think the podcast is coming together well and the feedback we’ve received so far backs that up.

This episode feels a bit more content heavy than the previous one. We talked about what it’s like to work while traveling, tech books and some thoughts on the 3rd edition of Cocoa Programming by Aaron Hillegass, and then dedicated most of the last half to distributed version control systems such as Git. Even though it is just days before WWDC, we only touched on WWDC indirectly. I expect there will be enough to talk about after next week to fill more than a few shows.

Editing the show continues to be a challenge but it’s so rewarding, just being able to slowly craft the episode from the recordings. You tell a little lie every time you tweak the original source audio, but hopefully the end product feels more authentic or at least fresh. It makes me appreciate even more the work Ryan does on “The Talk Show”:http://www.thetalkshow.net/. Our goal is to improve the quality each episode until we reach a point we are happy with, so if you have any feedback I’d love to hear it. After WWDC I’m going to invest in some real headphones. I was shocked how different the show sounds between my speakers, cheap headphones, and iPhone.

If you haven’t subscribed yet, you can now find the “listing on iTunes”:http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=281777685 and get it synced to your iPod or iPhone in just a few clicks. Enjoy!