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Better is the best marketing

“Gus Mueller”:http://gusmueller.com/blog/archives/2009/08/setting_the_right_priorities.html, in response to a post from Joel Spolsky:

“If no one is buying your app then you’ve either got a dud and you need to focus on something else, or you need to improve your app so it’s worth paying for.”

I hinted at this in “my last post about new Clipstart features”:http://www.manton.org/2009/08/clipstart_12_ships.html. When Clipstart 1.0 launched and sales were lower than I had secretly hoped, the feedback was still so encouraging that it was obvious I had to keep rolling out new versions. Release 1.1, a month later. Release 1.2, which is “shipping today”:http://www.riverfold.com/software/clipstart/.

Some products are just easier to sell than others. For Wii Transfer, people enter “music wii mac” in Google and then a few minutes later they are clicking the Buy button on my web site. But with Clipstart, even though I believe it to be a superior product, it’s going to take work and marketing and word-of-mouth and demo coaxing and making it so good that you’d be nuts to shoot video and not have it installed.

Get Rich Slowly

I started reading the “Get Rich Slowly”:http://www.getrichslowly.org/ blog last year and it has quickly become one of my favorites. Don’t let the name fool you — it’s really just about practical advice for paying off debt, keeping a budget, and saving money for retirement. The author hits that perfect blogging voice that feels very authentic, as if he and his readers are peers.

“This recent post”:http://www.getrichslowly.org/blog/2009/01/05/9-methods-for-mastering-your-money-in-2009/ to start off 2009 covers all the major goals of the site. Here’s a snippet from budgeting:

“There are a variety of budgeting methods you can choose, from Andrew Tobias’ three-step budget to the 60% budget. My recent favorite (and a favorite of GRS readers) is Elizabeth Warren’s balanced money formula: 50% to Needs, 20% to Savings, and everything else to Wants. Simple but effective.”

I think there’s something for just about anyone in his blog, whether you are paying off a mountain of credit card debt or starting as an entrepreneur who wants to keep enough cash in the bank to cover those slow months.