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Instagram import in Micro.blog

Micro.blog for Mac version 1.3 is now available. It features a brand new import feature for uploading an archive of Instagram photos to your blog.

The best way to explain it is to show it. Here’s a video:

You can download the latest version here or click “Check for Updates” in the Micro.blog for Mac app if you already have it installed. Let us know how it works for you and we’ll continue to make this better in future versions. There’s also a help page with more details.

WordPress to Micro.blog migration

Over the weekend I opened up a WordPress importer for Micro.blog-hosted sites. Now that Micro.blog can serve as your primary web site — with personal domain name, short and long posts, themes, and pages — some users may want to consolidate their older WordPress blogs to Micro.blog. I’ve just finished a round of testing and bug fixes with a couple sites, including the 2000+ posts on my 15-year-old WordPress blog.

Micro.blog has always had great support for WordPress. If you host on WordPress and want to bring your posts into the Micro.blog timeline, all you have to do is add the WordPress RSS feed. This new importer is for people who want to migrate their whole site to be hosted by Micro.blog, not just mirror posts to the timeline with RSS and continue to use WordPress for hosting.

To access the importer on the web, click on Account → Edit Domains & Design → Import. It will prompt for a WXR file, which you can export from your WordPress site under WP Admin → Tools → Export. WXR stands for “WordPress eXtended RSS”, which is an RSS file with some extra WordPress metadata.

It’s important to note that the WXR contains post text, but not file uploads. To solve this, Micro.blog parses the HTML for all your posts, looking for img tags. It then downloads those referenced photos and adds them to your Micro.blog-hosted site. For this reason, it’s important that you keep your old WordPress site online until the import has finished. (The importer does not currently support WordPress photo galleries.)

If you try the importer, I’d love to hear what you think. And of course you can add a new Micro.blog-hosted site for just $5/month under the “New…” menu.

Tweet Library 2.2

I posted a couple months ago about my experiment to cut the price of Tweet Library in half. I’ve decided to make this decision permanent. Tweet Library is just $4.99 as a universal app for both iPhone and iPad.

Today I’m also releasing Tweet Library 2.2. This version gains a few improvements and bug fixes, but most importantly a big new feature: support for importing Twitter’s new archive format. It does this by downloading the .zip file you receive from Twitter directly via Dropbox, to make it easy to import your full archive of tweets. (Watermark has this feature too.)

Not everyone has access to exporting their tweets from Twitter yet, but I wanted to get this feature out as soon as possible. And I already have a version 2.2.1 submitted to Apple with more improvements to the import process.

See the web site for more about Tweet Library, or get it at the App Store here.