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Working from a library on the weekend is a lot more difficult than a quick stop for coffee was. Because last Sunday we walked up to a Little Free Library, I’ll make that a weekend tradition in these 30 days. Just got back from exchanging a book at another Little Free Library nearby.

→ 2016/04/03 8:01 pm

Had to be south this morning, so working at the Austin Community College library on their Riverside campus. Hardly anyone here on a Saturday, so it’s very quiet and plenty of desks to sit with my iPad Pro. Charging my car in the parking lot, too.

→ 2016/04/02 11:10 am

Found a nice corner on the 2nd floor of the Faulk Central Library to work this morning. It’s like having a downtown co-working spot, but without the monthly fee and I can’t bring a coffee to my desk.

→ 2016/04/01 11:04 am

Checking out the Pflugerville Public Library and happily surprised at how big it is. Lots of chairs, meeting rooms, reading area… even electric car charging in the parking lot. Not particularly quiet today, but a nice place.

→ 2016/03/30 12:03 pm

The drive into the hill country a little was totally worth it to visit Laura Bush Community Library. Beautiful library with an incredible view. I’ve got my iPad Pro with me and plan to work here until lunch, just looking out the windows.

→ 2016/03/29 10:45 am

I had planned to work downtown today, but it didn’t quite happen. Staying closer to home for the late morning at the Spicewood Springs Branch. I’ve always like the tables and chairs along the windows here.

→ 2016/03/28 11:35 am

30 days of libraries, week 1

After wrapping up 30 days of new coffee shops, last week I started visiting a library every day to work. Libraries and coffee shops don’t have that much in common, but they do share a couple basic traits that are necessary for working on a laptop or iPad: wi-fi and tables. In fact, I’ve found that it’s even easier to find an open table or couch in a library than in a busy coffee shop.

So far, so good. In the first week, I’ve visited Cedar Park Public Library, Wells Branch Community Library, Little Walnut Creek Branch, North Village Branch, Old Quarry Branch, Howson Branch, Westbank Community Library, and Yarborough Branch.

I also heard from readers who wanted to see more than the text microblog posts I did for coffee shops, so I’ve been trying to take more photos. These photos are tagged with #newlibraries too, so they’ll show up together with the library text posts. (Photos can be browsed over the web, but they don’t show up in the default RSS feed. The microblog posts also have their own feed.)

As I mention on episode 15 of Timetable, working out of the house in the morning helped provide some structure to the work day. I’d use the morning for writing blog posts and catching up on email, and the afternoon to focus on code. For libraries, I’m going one step further and only bringing the iPad Pro with me. This means that I’m using a small range of apps — Editorial, Mail, Safari, Slack — and reinforces the idea that I’m supposed to be writing.

Love that the Howson Branch has electric car charging, powered by solar panels. It’s a fairly small library but nicely done, with tall chairs to work at near the front or a separate reading room.

→ 2016/03/24 11:05 am