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iPhone 6 Plus and iPod

Kirby Turner wrote about needing an iPhone 6 Plus as a developer but not really wanting one as a user:

“As a developer what I really want is an iPod touch Plus. If Apple were selling an iPod touch Plus that is the same as the iPhone 6 Plus minus the phone, then I would buy it in an instant. That way I could continue using my iPhone 5 as my primary phone device and the iPod touch Plus as a test device.”

I’ve talked about skipping this phone generation on the podcast a few times. I already got out of the yearly updates when I kept the 4S forever and then got the 5C instead of the 5S. After seeing the 6 Plus in person at the Apple Store and with everyone who had one at Çingleton, I’m pretty comfortable with my decision. But I’d strongly consider replacing my iPad Mini with a 5.5-inch iPod Touch.

Saved tweet filters

When I created “Tweet Marker Plus”:http://tweetmarker.net/plus, I thought I was creating a new way to search Twitter. Limit the search to just people you follow and you can store more tweets, and more relevant ones. But as I’ve been adding new features to it, I’m realizing that Tweet Marker Plus is really a new kind of Twitter client — a client that has search and filters at its core.

Here’s what the sidebar looks like in my Tweet Marker Plus account:

saved filters

Seems simple enough. But quickly switching between saved filters is very powerful. Because Tweet Marker is routinely fetching new tweets in the background, even when you haven’t opened your web browser in days or weeks, there are no gaps in the timeline. When I use a filter, it’s showing me everything that any of the people I follow have said since I first started using Tweet Marker Plus.

I’m excited about this. I’ll keep adding features and growing the storage, to make Tweet Marker Plus the best value $2/month could possibly get you.

Tweet Marker Plus and API v2

Tweet Marker is going really well. It’s growing fast, users love it, and it has wide support in all of my favorite Twitter apps.

Today I’m announcing the next step for the service: Tweet Marker Plus. This is a paid subscription with additional features, such as a brand new search and a web-based timeline that syncs with Tweet Marker. Along with Plus, I’m rolling out version 2 of the API.

We’ve learned a lot over the last few months. Here are some of the things that I wanted to improve for the next version of Tweet Marker, both for the API and the business.

  • Consistent behavior across clients. It was fine at first for everyone to experiment with their own way to use the API, but now it’s time to come up with some best practices to guide developers.

  • More frequent sync. Mac and iPad clients in particular — where the app may stay in the front for some time — need to be hitting the server at regular intervals to catch changes from other devices. I believe this is the most common source of problems.

  • JSON-based API. The “v2” API should use JSON and carry more metadata, such as timestamps for the tweets and when it synced.

  • Profitable hosting. Although I’ve accepted donations since nearly the beginning, hosting costs are way up. I didn’t originally intend to turn this into its own business, but that is the clear way forward. It needs to bring in consistent revenue to cover hosting now and into the future.

With paid subscriptions, I can tackle the above bullets and also add more features. The first new feature to launch as part of Plus is a new search. Tweet Marker Plus indexes tweets from your friends so that you can find tweets later. It’s the solution to use when you don’t want to search all of Twitter, but you also want a large collection of tweets, not just the most recent ones that many clients store and filter.

Tweet Marker Plus is $2/month. You can sign up today at “tweetmarker.net/plus”:http://tweetmarker.net/plus. Also check out “the screencast”:http://www.riverfold.com/software/tweetmarker/.

The API documentation has moved to Github and is “also available now”:https://github.com/manton/tweetmarker/.