Monthly Archives: April 2017

Ran out of time today for everything, but I’m pushing a new iPhone build to TestFlight with some minor improvements.

→ 2017/04/28 6:53 pm

This has been a really intense week. Good to take a break and watch the end of the Spurs/Grizzlies game 6. Looking forward to round 2.

→ 2017/04/27 11:44 pm

Long day. Great questions and feedback about Just posted a new episode of Timetable with some day 1 and 2 thoughts.

→ 2017/04/25 8:12 pm

Started invites to Kickstarter backers today, but first spent most of the day on improvements and last-minute fixes. More progress tomorrow.

→ 2017/04/25 12:05 am

Added about 20 new tasks to OmniFocus for all the little (and big!) things I need to wrap up by tomorrow. Checking them off.

→ 2017/04/23 12:01 pm

Spreadsheet prep to get invites organized. Scrolling through, grateful to all who thought the Kickstarter was worth supporting. Thank you.

→ 2017/04/23 10:31 am

Tough to be tied 2-2 after such a game from Kawhi. The shot to go up 2 with 12 seconds, and then the 3’s in OT. Everything but the win.

→ 2017/04/22 10:17 pm

Rewriting a significant part of the API a few days before the beta rollout. What could go wrong? Better now than later.

→ 2017/04/21 10:25 am

Jekyll mobile posting

Kirby Turner has a detailed write-up on his workflow for posting from his iPhone. It uses a combination of Editorial, Working Copy, and Jekyll:

The workflows save me time and simplify the publish steps. For instance, Jekyll uses YAML as front matter for each post. There’s no way I want to write this front matter by hand on my iPhone each time. I can use TextExpander, but seeing the front matter can be distracting on my iPhone. So I let Editorial’s workflow work its magic to generate the YAML front matter before handing off the document to Working Copy.

Check out his embedded video for what it looks like in action. I love Jekyll, and it’s a big part of, but there’s no denying that the nature of static sites makes mobile posting more difficult. Looking forward to seeing more iPhone workflows like this that make microblogging easier.

Finished building’s batch invite system for Kickstarter rewards. Surprising number of features to do it correctly.

→ 2017/04/20 5:23 pm

Started using LogDNA last night and now that I have a full day of data, very useful. Already improving how and what I log.

→ 2017/04/19 4:23 pm

People complain about the Spurs’ guards. But Parker from 3 last night: 3-5. Green: 4-5. Good win despite letting Memphis back in the game.

→ 2017/04/18 9:11 am

Sent another update to Kickstarter backers today and also publishing a new Timetable episode soon. This is going to be a fun week.

→ 2017/04/17 3:33 pm

Picking out a t-shirt to wear for today’s 1st seed vs. 8th seed matchup. Gotta be the Blazers.