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Finally added a favicon to Not a dozen sizes, which had kind of scared me off, but just one. Looks nice.

→ 2017/07/24 1:24 pm photos from MarsEdit

This morning I updated’s XML-RPC posting to support the MetaWeblog API, which allows uploading photos to your hosted microblog. If you’re using MarsEdit to post to, edit your “System API” in MarsEdit’s blog settings to “MetaWeblog API” instead of “Blogger API”.

Working on the photo upload support has also helped clarify how should process text from the different posting APIs such as MetaWeblog and Micropub. After the next version of the iOS app ships, will start requiring Markdown and escaping HTML tags from Micropub, just as it currently does from the web interface. This will be a much better default for most people, and bring more consistency between web and iOS posting.

MarsEdit and other tools that use XML-RPC will still be available for when you want more control over the HTML that is posted. does allow Markdown in your MarsEdit posts, but otherwise it does very little processing of text from MarsEdit. It even lets you post long-form blog posts.

Yesterday we posted Core Intuition 290. The date in the feed was wrong at first, so scroll back in your podcast app if you missed it.

→ 2017/07/23 11:12 am + Facebook

Today we’re adding Facebook cross-posting to Facebook support is now built in, just like Twitter cross-posting, and can be configured for a microblog hosted on or any external blog with a feed.’s cross-posting naturally works with long-form content or microblog posts. For longer posts, it includes the title with a link back to your blog. For microblog posts, it sends the entire text to Facebook. also parses your post HTML looking for img tags, downloads the photo and attaches it to the Facebook post. This means that microblog posts with photos look great on Facebook, but the source content is still on your own web site. It works really well with the app for iOS.

I feel like is starting to pick up steam. I’m looking forward to rolling out more improvements before the public launch.

Finished some server upgrades. Rolling out a new cross-posting feature later this morning.

→ 2017/07/20 9:09 am

Moved Ulysses on iOS to my home screen now that I’ve had a chance to test out the Dropbox support with my 1k+ notes folder. Working well.

→ 2017/07/19 10:06 am

Enjoyed watching a bunch of NBA Summer League, including most of the Spurs games and yes, Lonzo Ball. Can’t wait for the preseason. πŸ€

→ 2017/07/17 10:51 pm

I’ve been so happy with my messenger bag that I ordered Tom Bihn’s Aeronaut 45 for travel. It arrived today. Looks perfect.

→ 2017/07/17 2:15 pm for iOS version 1.0.2 was approved and should be in your Updates tab. iPad keyboard shortcuts and a few fixes.

→ 2017/07/17 11:48 am

We fixed Markdown blockquote formatting yesterday for hosted sites. Hoping to experiment more with quoting as a “repost” alternative.

→ 2017/07/17 11:11 am

SSL for hosted sites’s business model is pretty simple. If you want to host a new microblog for you, or use the Twitter cross-posting with an existing site, there’s a small monthly subscription. We want to be the easiest way to start a blog.

Included in all microblogs is support for custom domain names, so that you can map to your blog. While we’ve always supported SSL for the default hostnames, custom domains need their own SSL certificate. Managing SSL certificates is a hassle, and until recently, also expensive.

I’m happy to announce that we are now rolling out free SSL hosting for custom domains, powered by Let’s Encrypt. While it’s not fully automated yet, we’ve already started enabling these for customers as requested. If you have a blog with a custom domain, email and we’ll enable SSL on your site.

There are more features coming for hosted blogs leading up to the public launch of Don’t forget to sign up on the launch announce list.

It’s too easy to blame distractions for lack of productivity. Then you have a big stretch of uninterrupted time β€” as I have right now β€”Β and actually have to finish something. No excuses.

→ 2017/07/16 1:46 pm

Looking forward to the new Game of Thrones tonight, even though my interest has kind of drifted away the last few seasons. Mostly caught up.

→ 2017/07/16 12:33 pm