Monthly Archives: October 2017

WordCamp in Austin this weekend, although I’m going to end up missing it. Look forward to checking out the video later if it’s recorded.

→ 2017/10/21 12:33 pm

Going over the talks at Release Notes in my head, thinking about what’s next for Flying back to Austin today. Great to see everyone in Chicago!

→ 2017/10/19 10:55 am

“You must actively seek out the most audacious things you are capable of doing.” — Anne Halsall at Release Notes on entrepreneurship

→ 2017/10/17 12:02 pm

More people than I expected haven’t updated to High Sierra yet. Sticking with it as a requirement, though. Hopefully pays off.

→ 2017/10/16 3:22 pm

Thanks to Colin Walker for the early write-up:

Manton has repeatedly said that this is just a version 1.0 app but, I have to say, it’s been rock solid. Browsing, replying and posting to the blog have all been a breeze and I’ve not had a single issue or error.

→ 2017/10/16 11:49 am

I’ll be writing more about it later today, but I’ve posted an initial Mac beta in the Slack channel. Looking forward to hearing what y’all think!

→ 2017/10/16 10:02 am

Good morning, Chicago! Early flight, took the train from the airport and hopped off for coffee and a little work at Intelligentsia.

→ 2017/10/16 9:35 am

Good thing about a super-early flight is I can’t procrastinate until the morning. Gotta pack now. Bad thing: need to wake up at 4am.

→ 2017/10/15 3:14 pm

Starting to have doubts about the iPhone X. I still want the best camera, but I’ve gone from 100% sure about the pre-order to now on the fence.

→ 2017/10/13 2:31 pm