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Micro Monday: @kitt, a long-time blogger who posts photos to her microblog, writes about books and more, and has participated in many great conversations on She also completely customized the look of her microblog with CSS.

→ 2018/02/27 12:00 am

We went to see Darkest Hour yesterday, and today rented Dunkirk. Both excellent. Seeing them together gave each film even more meaning.

→ 2018/02/25 12:32 pm

Great write-up at MacStories about podcast creation app Anchor. I like what they’re doing (I’ve had similar ideas for audio hosting) but unless podcasters can use their own domain name, concerned it’s another silo dead-end.

→ 2018/02/22 3:37 pm

This week has been going by way too quick. Month is almost over, and so much work left to do. At least the NBA starts up again tomorrow. πŸ€

→ 2018/02/21 9:08 am

Enjoyed the all-star game more than I expected. Didn’t catch the whole thing… Most of the first half and the great final few minutes. But now we’ve gotta wait 4 more days until the next NBA game. πŸ€

→ 2018/02/19 12:16 am

Abandoned tracks downtown near the new library, as we walked back from Juan Pelota earlier this afternoon. β˜•οΈ

→ 2018/02/18 11:33 pm

Blade Runner 2049

Rewatched the original Blade Runner recently, and finally saw the sequel last night. As with all great films, still thinking about it the next day. The parts that were good, were really good.

There was a conversation on about the length. It would have been an even more powerful movie with a couple scenes cut short. Maybe it could have squeezed into a PG-13 rating too.

Nevertheless, it holds its own with the original. I say this as a compliment: a rare sequel that is no better or worse. Feels unique but consistent β€”Β in pacing, visuals, and music β€”Β as if 35 years haven’t passed since the first one. Loved it.

Lately we’ve had a few cold days, with just enough mist and rain to notice, but not enough to really feel wet. This was from last night before a softball game.

→ 2018/02/14 10:22 pm

@joec Great essay on good vs. better. But it highlights a problem for Apple: when audio is “good enough”, there’s no room for growth. Alexa as a platform is much more than 2x. I’d say more like 50x, not because it’s good, but because of what it can do.

→ 2018/02/14 9:08 am

Started rolling out favicons for all sites. They’ll automatically use your profile photo, which you can upload on the web under Account. Custom per-site settings to follow later.

→ 2018/02/13 1:27 pm

Micro Monday: @becky, who recently shipped her iOS app Snapthread 1.5 for combining live photos together. Becky writes about the development process and more on her blog.

→ 2018/02/12 3:44 pm

In the Apple community we too quickly accept that the HomePod can’t run Alexa. Why shouldn’t it? Voice assistants should be more extensible and universal, not locked to specific platforms.

→ 2018/02/12 10:27 am

I’ve been watching the Olympics a bunch as I catch up on email and some coding over the weekend. πŸ…

→ 2018/02/11 9:34 pm

Posting to from iOS and macOS was broken this morning. It’s fixed now. If you posted something and it disappeared… Unfortunately you’ll need to send it again.

→ 2018/02/10 11:19 am