Monthly Archives: April 2018 to Medium has always supported cross-posting to Twitter. Write a post on your own blog, and will send it to Twitter with a bunch of great default logic like attaching photos, appending inline links, and smart truncation so that tweets look great.

Today we’re adding Medium as a supported cross-posting destination. At first I had resisted adding Medium because Medium might be someone’s primary blog, so it made more sense for you to post directly to Medium yourself and then add the RSS feed to, so that posts show up in the timeline.

But recently Medium discontinued support for custom domain names. And if you can’t even have a domain name for your blog, it’s clear that Medium is much less a true blogging platform and really just a social network for long-form content. It’s a very poor solution for anyone who wants to own their content, but it’s now a natural choice to cross-post your blog posts and reach Medium’s audience.

When you enable cross-posting to Medium, takes the HTML of your post and sends it to Medium. It supports titled essays or short microblog posts without a title. If your blog is hosted on, cross-posting is included for free. For external blogs like WordPress, it’s $2/month for cross-posting to Twitter and Medium.

I’m looking forward to hearing how people use Medium with their microblog and what improvements we can make. Thanks for your support! (Here’s how this post looks on Medium.)

Fixed an issue this morning that should make a dramatic improvement to how fast a post shows up in the timeline from a blog.

→ 2018/04/30 9:33 am

Still reflecting on my time at Peers last week. Met some great people. Gave a talk about microblogging. meetup. ☕ Great conference and a fun week. Hope everyone enjoyed their time in Austin!

→ 2018/04/28 4:32 pm

Having a great time at Peers. Reminder: we’re having meetup at Juan Pelota Cafe on Friday morning, 8:30am. If you’re in Austin, hope you can join us!

→ 2018/04/26 4:31 pm

Missed a bug with photo posting in version 1.3.4, so for iOS 1.3.5 is now out. Thanks everyone.

→ 2018/04/21 12:19 pm

Demo of 1.3.4

We shipped version 1.3.4 of the iOS app. It includes a bunch of photo-related improvements and bug fixes, including better support for non-square photos.

We’re on a bit of a roll with, shipping microcast hosting, our brand new app Wavelength, a new blog theme, and this iOS update all in the last week. Great time to join or come back to the platform.

Love seeing new photo blogs like this one at, hosted on Great way to own your photos, whether you cross-post to Instagram or don’t.

→ 2018/04/19 9:04 am

It’s possible to be too pragmatic. I’d rather hope for something better and fail than be stuck accepting the way things are.

→ 2018/04/18 2:20 pm