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WWDC 2018 wrap-up

I realized after flying back home that this was likely my 20th trip out to San Jose and San Francisco for WWDC. I certainly loved the early years, as well as the height of WWDC in San Francisco as the community was growing, but I’ve found the no-stress compromise of the last few years without a conference ticket to be some of the most enjoyable and productive.

This year I arrived Saturday before lunch. Jean MacDonald and I used this extra day for planning, and to walk around the conference area looking for a good spot for the meetup. In the evening, a bunch of us met up at Santa Clara Valley Brewing.

Santa Clara Valley Brewing icons Santa Clara Valley Brewing beers

Sunday morning I was up early, got some coffee and breakfast while working at Voltaire Coffee House, then drove up to San Francisco. I had rented a car for what has become a pre-WWDC tradition for me the last several years: having lunch out at the Presidio in San Francisco and catching the latest exhibit at the Walt Disney Family Museum. I picked up Jon Hays at SFO along the way, and we also stopped for the view from Twin Peaks on the way back.

Voltair Coffee House Presidio Picnic Walt Disney Family Museum Twin Peaks

It was great to catch up with people at sjMacIndie on Sunday night. Jon and I left a little early to watch the second half of game 2 of the NBA finals from a bar around the corner. I wore my Tim Duncan t-shirt.

Monday morning was keynote watching at AltConf. While I was initially underwhelmed by the keynote, the announcements have been growing on me throughout the week. Apple’s strategy with Siri still isn’t what I’d like to see, but it’s significant progress. We go into this more on the latest Core Intuition. Overall a pretty good conference. I’ll be watching the Mac App Store improvements too.

Hopefully by next year I’ll remember that finding a place downtown for dinner late at night requires a little planning. Nevertheless, had a great time talking with friends and meeting new folks over dinner or drinks for the nights I was in San Jose. This year even featured a random trip to In-N-Out for burgers.

I really enjoyed both the live recordings I went to: Accidental Tech Podcast and The Talk Show. Unfortunately I had to leave Wednesday so missed the Relay show. I have a bunch of podcasts to catch up on.

The Talk Show

The highlight of my week was the 2nd annual WWDC meetup. It means a lot to see the support from the community. continues to get better every day, and I’m looking forward to meeting even more users next year. Thanks again to everyone joined us at the meetup, and to Jeff Watkins for the group photo! Meetup

Back online after taking some time off to camp at Colorado Bend State Park last night. Great hike down to the waterfall this morning.

→ 2018/06/13 3:17 pm

I usually queue up Micro Monday when it goes live, but today has been a blur, and I just finished listening to the latest episode in the car while running an errand. This week, Jean talks to Jim Withington about early blogging, XOXO, and more. Enjoy!

→ 2018/06/11 7:46 pm

Finally tracked down and fixed a couple issues with photo upload in after recent server improvements. Everything should be working much better now.

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Server upgrade went pretty smoothly. Photo uploads were disabled for about 10 minutes, but everything else stayed up. Improved profile photos to be a little more resilient as well.

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Starting to convince myself that LeBron might have another great game in him. Sweeps in the finals are rare. Only twice in the last 20 years: Lakers/Nets and Spurs/Cavs, where LeBron’s team lost game 4 by 1 point. 🏀

→ 2018/06/08 6:37 pm

Going to take photo upload offline for a quick update tonight, midnight CST. The rest of will stay up including all hosted blogs.

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Of course I’m going to watch game 4 tonight, but I’m not really looking forward to it. The series could easily have been 2-1 tonight. Kind of ready for next season already. 🏀

→ 2018/06/08 4:41 pm

The past can be a bit of a blur, but I think this was my 20th time out to San Jose and San Francisco for WWDC. 1996, 1997, 2001-2018. Feel lucky to have seen the platforms change and the community grow. Still exciting.

→ 2018/06/07 3:38 pm

Trying to catch up on work now that I’m back in Austin. Recorded a new Core Int that’ll be out later. Tempted to install iOS 12 but probably should wait until everything else is done.

→ 2018/06/07 2:14 pm

Quick layover in Los Angeles on the way home. Had a great time in San Jose. Thanks again to everyone who made it to the meetup yesterday or said hi during the week. Enjoy the rest of WWDC!

→ 2018/06/06 3:02 pm

Thanks so much to everyone who joined us at the meetup! We had a great turnout. Really enjoyed talking with everyone.

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