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Wow, that WNBA finals game 1. Minnesota down 26 points, came back to take the lead but lost it in the final seconds. Game 2 on Tuesday.

→ 2017/09/24 4:53 pm

“I cannot in good conscience vote for the Graham-Cassidy proposal. I believe we could do better working together, Republicans and Democrats, and have not yet really tried.” — John McCain

→ 2017/09/22 1:54 pm

Motivation for folks who have only blogged a few times this year: I’ve posted 468 times. The key is a “blog first, tweet second” strategy.

→ 2017/09/21 3:16 pm

Still hot outside, but working from one of my favorite coffee shops: Mozart’s on Lake Austin. Wrapping up a redesign to M.b’s posts screen.

→ 2017/09/21 2:43 pm

Listened to a lot of clips of Hillary to find the right one for yesterday’s Timetable. Still can’t bring myself to read the book. Soon.

→ 2017/09/21 2:20 pm

Published a couple new episodes of Timetable this week. We also recorded a new Core Int, likely out tomorrow.

→ 2017/09/20 2:26 pm

Now that I’ve got a couple pre-iOS 11 releases out of the way, I’ve been testing the new stuff: drag and drop, and iPhone X design tweaks. My app’s design is standard enough that the changes are minimal. Just hope I can get the X in the first shipment.

→ 2017/09/20 8:59 am for iOS version 1.1.1 is now available in the App Store. Bug fixes and refinements to the new 1.1 features.

→ 2017/09/20 7:48 am

Updating my SE to iOS 11. I’ve had the beta on my iPads, but resisted installing on my main phone until release day.

→ 2017/09/19 3:35 pm

I don’t see the iPhone X notch going anywhere. Even if it does nothing other than give Apple space to improve the front camera, it stays.

→ 2017/09/18 2:44 pm

Friday afternoon slipping away. Really wanted to post about version 1.1, but still in review at Apple.

→ 2017/09/15 2:18 pm

I’m going to take down tonight in about an hour for some quick maintenance. Hosted blogs will remain up.

→ 2017/09/14 9:04 pm

I submitted a new iOS build yesterday morning thinking I might beat the rush of iOS 11 submissions, but now I’m not sure. Still waiting.

→ 2017/09/13 9:04 am

Love the iPhone X, but showing “animoji” cheapens the rest of the presentation. Serious, high-quality $1k phone… with silly cartoon faces.

→ 2017/09/12 1:48 pm