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Waiting for the HomePod excitement to settle down a little this morning before posting about something new.

→ 2018/01/23 9:59 am

Micro Monday: @Aleen. On her microblog she posts about everything from books and journals, to podcasting and technology, to her work with App Camp for Girls. Thanks for being part of the community, Aleen!

→ 2018/01/22 4:12 pm

Rolled out a change to show replies on the web version of user profile pages. Should be more consistent across the web and apps now.

→ 2018/01/22 1:41 pm

Apologies for the unexpected downtime early this morning. Still looking into what happened, but plan to add some more servers soon to minimize this. (Hosted blogs remained up.)

→ 2018/01/22 7:51 am

Played HQ for the first time tonight. I was juggling something else when it started and my tap didn’t register on question 1, so I was eliminated immediately. Maybe this isn’t for me. πŸ™‚

→ 2018/01/21 10:14 pm

Posted a new version of for Mac with a few recent fixes. “Check for Updates” to get the latest.

→ 2018/01/19 4:57 pm

Bummed to have to return my Nissan Leaf today, which I’ve been leasing for the last few years. Great little car. Going to go without an extra car for a little while, but the next one’s gotta be electric.

→ 2018/01/19 11:49 am

Not a good week for uptime. Most of the maintenance went smoothly (just a few minutes) but an unrelated problem had parts of the service down early this morning. Hosted blogs were not effected. We’ll do better in the future.

→ 2018/01/19 7:51 am

Fred Wilson, via @cdevroe:

Internet Two is closed platforms that increasingly dominate the market and own and control our content and us. We need to get to Internet Three where we take back control of ourselves. It is high time for that to happen.

→ 2018/01/18 11:28 am

Cooollld morning in Austin. I woke up at 4am and fixed the servers, then back to bed. Coffee and email catch-up now, wondering if we’ll get any snow today. ❄️

→ 2018/01/16 10:10 am

Apologies for the downtime. I had added another server to smooth over the outage… but it also failed. (If your Mac app crashed, no need to report it. Should be fixed in the next update.)

→ 2018/01/16 4:13 am

Need to take a couple of the servers down for Meltdown security updates at 1am CST. I’m sorry for the downtime, and hope to learn from this to minimize it in the future. Hosted blogs will remain up.

→ 2018/01/15 10:52 pm

Micro Monday: @bitdepth. I love seeing the beautiful photos that people post to, and Chris has had some great ones over the last few months: snow, nature, landscapes, food, and more.

→ 2018/01/15 5:21 pm

Dave Winer is starting a project to collect feeds for journalists. Feels like there may be an opportunity for to help with this, but I’m not sure how it fits together yet.

→ 2018/01/15 10:43 am

Unbelievable end to that game. Saints had the comeback right in their hands, and then… Wow. 🏈

→ 2018/01/14 7:13 pm

Spent more time offline than usual today as a few things pulled me away from the computer. Catching up a bit now, and enjoying reading through all the posts I missed on

→ 2018/01/13 11:13 pm