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I usually queue up Micro Monday when it goes live, but today has been a blur, and I just finished listening to the latest episode in the car while running an errand. This week, Jean talks to Jim Withington about early blogging, XOXO, and more. Enjoy!

→ 2018/06/11 7:46 pm

Finally tracked down and fixed a couple issues with photo upload in after recent server improvements. Everything should be working much better now.

→ 2018/06/11 10:33 am

Server upgrade went pretty smoothly. Photo uploads were disabled for about 10 minutes, but everything else stayed up. Improved profile photos to be a little more resilient as well.

→ 2018/06/09 12:23 am

Starting to convince myself that LeBron might have another great game in him. Sweeps in the finals are rare. Only twice in the last 20 years: Lakers/Nets and Spurs/Cavs, where LeBron’s team lost game 4 by 1 point. 🏀

→ 2018/06/08 6:37 pm

Going to take photo upload offline for a quick update tonight, midnight CST. The rest of will stay up including all hosted blogs.

→ 2018/06/08 5:26 pm

Of course I’m going to watch game 4 tonight, but I’m not really looking forward to it. The series could easily have been 2-1 tonight. Kind of ready for next season already. 🏀

→ 2018/06/08 4:41 pm

The past can be a bit of a blur, but I think this was my 20th time out to San Jose and San Francisco for WWDC. 1996, 1997, 2001-2018. Feel lucky to have seen the platforms change and the community grow. Still exciting.

→ 2018/06/07 3:38 pm

Trying to catch up on work now that I’m back in Austin. Recorded a new Core Int that’ll be out later. Tempted to install iOS 12 but probably should wait until everything else is done.

→ 2018/06/07 2:14 pm

Quick layover in Los Angeles on the way home. Had a great time in San Jose. Thanks again to everyone who made it to the meetup yesterday or said hi during the week. Enjoy the rest of WWDC!

→ 2018/06/06 3:02 pm

Thanks so much to everyone who joined us at the meetup! We had a great turnout. Really enjoyed talking with everyone.

→ 2018/06/05 5:37 pm

Good news that they’ve improved the Mac App Store enough to convince Panic and Bare Bones to bring Transmit and BBEdit back to the store. I also like the pre-announcement of UIKit on the Mac, since it was clear they’ve been using this thing anyway. But now we have to wait.

→ 2018/06/04 2:23 pm

Don’t forget, if you mention WWDC in a microblog post today it unlocks a secret pin on Happy keynote blogging!

→ 2018/06/04 11:28 am

I haven’t really processed the GitHub news yet. I wrote a few years ago that I thought Automattic and GitHub were companies that could last for 100 years, following the spirit of the open web and safe to use for hosting or mirroring our content. Maybe I was wrong.

→ 2018/06/04 11:06 am