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Abandoned tracks downtown near the new library, as we walked back from Juan Pelota earlier this afternoon. ☕️

→ 2018/02/18 11:33 pm

Lately we’ve had a few cold days, with just enough mist and rain to notice, but not enough to really feel wet. This was from last night before a softball game.

→ 2018/02/14 10:22 pm

I got an ink stamp made for my return address when sending out stickers. Just think it looks cool.

→ 2018/01/17 4:10 pm

Final day of the photo challenge: shadow. This has been a great week for photos on Thanks everyone!

→ 2017/11/17 7:08 pm

Can a salad bag from the grocery store be considered “seasonal”? Not sure, but it’s gonna have to do for today’s photo challenge. Day 6!

→ 2017/11/16 11:54 pm

Almost missed the 5th day of the photo challenge. For “liquid”, a shot of the fish tank.

→ 2017/11/15 10:19 pm

Loving the iPhone X camera. My contribution to today’s photo challenge: up close.

→ 2017/11/14 6:50 pm