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Back online after taking some time off to camp at Colorado Bend State Park last night. Great hike down to the waterfall this morning.

→ 2018/06/13 3:17 pm

Thinking about Favstar shutting down. No doubt the first of several new casualties from Twitter’s latest rule changes. The end of the third-party Twitter era has a kind a “let the past die” feel to it.

→ 2018/05/14 9:12 am

Downtown today for a meeting and while I like getting out, there are so many little ways to get derailed and lose all productivity. It’s after lunch and just feel like I’m starting to get some stuff done. Now at Alta’s for coffee and work, overlooking the lake.

→ 2018/05/11 1:28 pm

There’s an interview with me in the latest Club MacStories email newsletter. I talk a bit about the goals of and how people are using the platform. Also a link to Icro!

→ 2018/05/11 10:06 am

Did you register a brand new .app domain this week but not sure where to point it? blogs make nice product sites. 🙂 Easy setup, custom pages, and a microblog for app news.

→ 2018/05/09 4:46 pm

One of the best things about not having an ad-supported business is it doesn’t bother us if you use an app like Icro instead of the official app. No need to control the timeline experience. Use whatever you like best.

→ 2018/05/09 2:24 pm

Maintenance tonight on that I thought would just be a couple minutes ended up being 15+ minutes. Apologies for the downtime. (Hosted blogs remained up.)

→ 2018/05/08 10:20 pm

Doing some long-overdue maintenance on the Tweet Marker database, clearing out old sync data that is no longer needed. Fun to watch the Redis memory usage go down. (This will free up more room to scale on existing servers.)

→ 2018/05/08 5:39 pm

Reflecting on the 20-year anniversary of the iMac, I’m actually struck by how Mac sales haven’t increased as much as I thought they had. 4-5x, but in my head it seems like the Mac is 10x as popular.

→ 2018/05/07 3:28 pm

App Store propagation delays of 24+ hours might even be worse when you’re waiting for someone else’s app to go live. Still really confused by these delays.

→ 2018/05/07 1:45 pm