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The bluebonnets have been nice in Austin this year. From someone’s yard while out biking.

→ 2018/04/12 6:57 pm

Coffee and work at Apanas this morning, then checked out the new Amazon Books store. Bigger than I expected and very nice.

→ 2018/03/29 3:49 pm

Mavs had a good 2nd quarter but it wasn’t enough against the Rockets. Still great to see Dirk play.

→ 2018/03/11 8:02 pm

Abandoned tracks downtown near the new library, as we walked back from Juan Pelota earlier this afternoon. ☕️

→ 2018/02/18 11:33 pm

Lately we’ve had a few cold days, with just enough mist and rain to notice, but not enough to really feel wet. This was from last night before a softball game.

→ 2018/02/14 10:22 pm

I got an ink stamp made for my return address when sending out stickers. Just think it looks cool.

→ 2018/01/17 4:10 pm