Not often you see a basketball game with a score of 100-50 just into the 4th quarter. Spurs over the Suns, making up for a couple poor offensive games. 🏀

→ 2018/02/07 11:27 pm 1.3.3 is out

The new update to for iOS is now available in the App Store. As I wrote about yesterday, it includes an improved conversations gesture. Here’s the full list of changes:

  • Added swipe left on a post to view the conversation.
  • Added feed settings button when writing a new post for quickly toggling off cross-posting.
  • Added confirmation alert when removing a post.
  • Updated character counter to not include Markdown.
  • Updated sharing from other apps to not use the current draft or save it.
  • Fixed compatibility with some XML-RPC servers.
  • Fixed opening conversations from links in the timeline.


Still some lingering server issues from the security updates 2 weeks ago. Sorry for the downtime early this morning. Blogs hosted on remained up.

→ 2018/02/07 9:14 am

Absolutely incredible what SpaceX has done. Successful launch of Falcon Heavy and then seeing those side boosters land perfectly… Breathtaking. 🚀

→ 2018/02/06 3:31 pm conversations gesture

I just submitted a new update to the iOS app. It adds a couple new features, including better support for quickly toggling off cross-posting, but what I’m most excited about is swiping to view conversations. Here’s a 45-second screencast demo:

It should be out in a couple of days after Apple approves the release. Thanks for supporting

Where did the day go? It’s still Micro Monday here in Austin, just before midnight… For this week: @vasta. Thoughtful essays, microblog posts, and contributions to many discussions on Glad to have him part of the community.

→ 2018/02/05 11:47 pm

After struggling with a new iOS feature last night, threw out all the code this morning and started over. Starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel now.

→ 2018/02/05 1:48 pm

Wrapping up the next iOS update, which has more control over cross-posting. Decided to focus on’s own cross-posting for this release, and consider Micropub syndication later. (They are very different models. Just need to focus on the immediate need first.)

→ 2018/02/04 9:28 am

Watched California Typewriter today and enjoyed it. On our road trip last summer, we stayed in Berkeley and stopped in front of the store to look in. Regret being rushed and not spending time inside.

→ 2018/02/03 5:29 pm

You can scroll further back in the timeline from the iOS and Mac apps now. Also, the Discover section is ready for the Super Bowl. 🏈

→ 2018/02/02 11:50 am

Spurs have a challenge tonight with the Rockets in San Antonio. Harden and Chris Paul are in. Kawhi and Rudy Gay are out. 🏀

→ 2018/02/01 2:45 pm

Fascinating article by @apike about blockchain. Equals parts technical detail and humor:

As fun as it is to kick back and laugh at dumb tech fads, it is important to first understand how and why they’re dumb, so we can mock them soundly and accurately.

→ 2018/02/01 9:56 am


A couple years ago on a trip, I finally tried Instagram Stories. Because I don’t like posting things that disappear, I planned to keep copies of all the short videos from my story, and then stitch them together in Final Cut, add some music, and publish them to my blog once a week. It didn’t take long to give up on this. Instagram and Snapchat make it easy to share on their network, but difficult everywhere else.

I much prefer Snapthread’s approach. Becky Hansmeyer has created an app that does exactly what I was trying to do, but instead of fumbling around with Instagram and Final Cut, it’s effortless. And it works with live photos. Highly recommend checking this out in the App Store.