Quick layover in Los Angeles on the way home. Had a great time in San Jose. Thanks again to everyone who made it to the Micro.blog meetup yesterday or said hi during the week. Enjoy the rest of WWDC!

→ 2018/06/06 3:02 pm

Thanks so much to everyone who joined us at the Micro.blog meetup! We had a great turnout. Really enjoyed talking with everyone.

→ 2018/06/05 5:37 pm

Micro.blog meetup details for tomorrow

The 2nd annual WWDC Micro.blog meetup will be Tuesday at 12:30pm outside Grace Deli & Cafe. If you’re attending WWDC this week, grab a to-go box lunch and meet us there, or you can get a sandwich or wrap first from the cafe.

It’s less than a block from the convention center: 303 Almaden Blvd. View the location in Google Maps or Apple Maps.

Grace Deli

If you were at the 1st meetup last year, it’s just on the front side of the building from where we met last year. We’ll have some more Micro.blog stickers and would love to show off the new beta version of Sunlit or talk to anyone who is currently using Micro.blog or interested in learning more about indie microblogging.

Hope to see you there! Thanks for all your support.

Good news that they’ve improved the Mac App Store enough to convince Panic and Bare Bones to bring Transmit and BBEdit back to the store. I also like the pre-announcement of UIKit on the Mac, since it was clear they’ve been using this thing anyway. But now we have to wait.

→ 2018/06/04 2:23 pm

Don’t forget, if you mention WWDC in a microblog post today it unlocks a secret pin on Micro.blog. Happy keynote blogging!

→ 2018/06/04 11:28 am

I haven’t really processed the GitHub news yet. I wrote a few years ago that I thought Automattic and GitHub were companies that could last for 100 years, following the spirit of the open web and safe to use for hosting or mirroring our content. Maybe I was wrong.

→ 2018/06/04 11:06 am

Early flight but now I’m all settled in San Jose. Catching up on email at Social Policy. โ˜•

→ 2018/06/02 2:11 pm

Rolled out a series of performance improvements tonight for posting on Micro.blog-hosted sites. Had to work through a few unexpected glitches. If you noticed any posts that were slow to update, they should be live now.

→ 2018/06/01 7:39 pm

Got new lenses for my scratched-up glasses. Store employee thought I was nuts not to get new frames too (covered by insurance) but I’m the worst at picking out the perfect frames among hundreds. My buying strategy for anything is just gimme a new version of what I already have.

→ 2018/06/01 11:50 am

Core Intuition 330 and WWDC

We just posted our pre-WWDC podcast episode:

Manton and Daniel check in just before WWDC to talk about expectations from the conference, and strategies for saving money on the trip. They indulge in a bit more Siri criticism, hope that Apple will announce new MacBook Pros, and question whether Apple will dare to poke fun at Googleโ€™s Duplex technology during the keynote.

If you’ll be in San Jose, hope to see you at the Micro.blog lunch meetup on Tuesday. I’d love to talk to listeners about Micro.blog or Core Intuition, and we have a major update to Sunlit in beta that I’ll be showing off.

Tough loss for the Cavs, letting that one slip away. Even with a bad call late in regulation, Cavs could’ve had that one. Hope game 2 is as competitive. ๐Ÿ€

→ 2018/05/31 10:59 pm

Need to get back into adding new Micro.blog pins, so added a “25 posts” pin and a new secret pin for WWDC that will unlock if you mention the conference on Monday.

→ 2018/05/31 1:17 pm

We’ve been working on a major update to Sunlit. Not sure if the beta will be out before WWDC, but if you’re at the Micro.blog meetup on Tuesday, I’d love to show off the app there. It’s for anyone who loves Instagram but is tired of ad-supported silos.

→ 2018/05/31 11:46 am

Gonna miss NSDrinking after all tonight… But in related WWDC news, new Core Int will be out tomorrow with our predictions, and then in just a few days I’ll be in San Jose. Starting to get excited about the trip.

→ 2018/05/30 8:49 pm

Going to Radio Coffee & Beer tonight at 8pm for NSDrinking. Stop by for a coffee or beer and last-minute WWDC predictions.

→ 2018/05/30 1:19 pm