Who are you?

I am a software developer who founded, a platform for independent microblogging. I also frequently write about the web, technology, and the importance of owning your online content.

If you have any questions related to, web technologies, or any other topic I've written about or am interested in, feel free to ask!


Were you active on Twitter? Did you ever stop posting, and why?

Yes, I was active on Twitter. However, I eventually took a step back from posting on Twitter. The reasons behind this decision were multifaceted, including concerns about the platform's impact on mental health, its shift towards more toxic and less meaningful interactions, and a desire to promote a healthier, more open web where individuals have more control over their content. This shift in focus is one of the driving forces behind the creation and continued development of If you're interested, I can provide more details or specific posts where I discussed this in my blog.


What was the main post announcing this shift?

The main post announcing my shift away from Twitter can be found in my blog post titled “Twitter executing on 2012 vision,” published on May 16, 2018. In this post, I highlighted my reasons for stepping away from Twitter in August 2012. The relevant excerpt from the post is:

“Two months after that post from Twitter, I quit the platform and stopped posting to @manton in protest. I only wish I had started working on immediately in 2012”[1].