More people than I expected haven’t updated to High Sierra yet. Sticking with it as a requirement, though. Hopefully pays off.

→ 2017/10/16 3:22 pm

Thanks to Colin Walker for the early write-up:

Manton has repeatedly said that this is just a version 1.0 app but, I have to say, it’s been rock solid. Browsing, replying and posting to the blog have all been a breeze and I’ve not had a single issue or error.

→ 2017/10/16 11:49 am

I’ll be writing more about it later today, but I’ve posted an initial Mac beta in the Slack channel. Looking forward to hearing what y’all think!

→ 2017/10/16 10:02 am

Good morning, Chicago! Early flight, took the train from the airport and hopped off for coffee and a little work at Intelligentsia.

→ 2017/10/16 9:35 am

Good thing about a super-early flight is I can’t procrastinate until the morning. Gotta pack now. Bad thing: need to wake up at 4am.

→ 2017/10/15 3:14 pm

Starting to have doubts about the iPhone X. I still want the best camera, but I’ve gone from 100% sure about the pre-order to now on the fence.

→ 2017/10/13 2:31 pm

Putting the finishing touches on the first for Mac beta. Still some rough edges, but this was posted with it.

→ 2017/10/13 9:59 am

Supporting #WomenBoycottTwitter

I’m glad to see #WomenBoycottTwitter getting some traction. Complaints come and go, but a real break sends a stronger message and gives us perspective. I would never have started unless I had spent enough time away from Twitter to see a better way. It’s not enough to just complain.

Very little has changed since I wrote my 10-year Twitter post last year. If you wait for Twitter to solve all the platform’s problems, you’ll be waiting a long time.

Extra Intuition

Daniel and I wanted to do something special for our 300th episode, so we’ve launched a membership program for Core Intuition listeners. Included in the membership is access to a brand new podcast we call Extra Intuition, plus a private Slack channel for members to discuss the show and suggest future topics.

It’s been a fun journey over the last 9 years of recording Core Intuition, and the main podcast will stay as it has been, with new episodes for free every week. Extra Intuition is our chance to deviate a little from the formula and try something new.

Daniel has also posted about the membership and first episode:

Our first episode of Extra Intuition is already live, and it features a discussion about the early days of our friendship, and how we decided to start Core Intuition.

We’d love your support. Thanks for listening!

Timetable 66 and Release Notes

I posted a new Timetable today after listening to the Release Notes podcast where Charles and Joe discuss requiring in-app purchase subscriptions. As I talk about on Timetable, I’ve been working on the Mac version of, so it was a good opportunity to make a final decision on Mac App Store support.

Speaking of Release Notes, I’ll be out in Chicago for the conference next week. If you’re attending, hope to see you there. Ask me for a sticker.

Checked out Denton after the tour at University of North Texas yesterday. Nice coffee shop and used bookstore in the square too.

→ 2017/10/10 1:11 pm

The weather is incredible outside in Austin today. This must be what fall is supposed to feel like.

→ 2017/10/10 1:02 pm