Guiding the community

Earlier this month I flew up to Portland for a few days. It was a great trip. I posted about attending the Blazers game and meeting the IndieWeb group at the DreamHost office. I also sat down with Jean MacDonald to talk about what she has been up to and show her what I’ve been building for

Today I sent an update to Kickstarter backers about the stretch goal promise I made to hire a community manager. I couldn’t be happier to announce that Jean MacDonald will be helping me in the next steps for

It became clear as I’ve been talking with Jean that she will add so much to the project. Making the announcement today has inspired me even more to finish rolling out and to see where the community takes it.

On last week’s Core Intuition, I told Daniel that the approach for has to be different than for my previous apps. It’s such a big opportunity that if I don’t focus everything on it, then it will not work. I covered the same theme in a post last month:

I’ve realized as I work toward launching that this product is different. It has a much greater scope than anything I’ve built by myself. To be successful, it needs a team.

No single decision will guarantee success. But today’s announcement is a big milestone for because it’s more than a promise or hope for things to come. Jean’s experience will be essential to guiding the community and moving the platform forward.

More on Twitter’s 10 years

Stephen Hackett marked his 10th anniversary of using Twitter by writing about how great Twitter has been for connecting people. Of course, the company’s problems are also well known:

The company itself seems to struggle in getting even basic decisions right. I often joke that Twitter may be doomed, but I don’t say it in pure jest.

He made a similar joke on Connected 133 that Twitter will be gone in 5 years. I think it’s a toss-up. But one thing I’m pretty sure about: the hate tweets and harassment problems can’t be fixed by waving a magic wand. They are fundamental and must be planned for at the beginning.

Busy morning! Stopped for Tacodeli to start the day right. Big announcement going out to Kickstarter backers soon.

→ 2017/03/21 9:09 am

I’ve tried everything for cutting cable. Sling, Hulu, HBO, iTunes. PlayStation Vue on the Apple TV is the real deal. The best by far.

→ 2017/03/20 10:46 am archive officially shut down last night. As I wrote about earlier this year, was an important milestone in the move to more open social networks. I’m glad the platform existed and I enjoyed participating there as a user and developer.

Linkrot and the lack of permanence on the web is a recurring theme for this blog. In the final days as was winding down, I wanted to put my money where my mouth was. I spun up a couple new servers and wrote a set of scripts to essentially download every post on It feels like a fragile archive, put together hastily, but I believe it’s mostly complete. I’ve also downloaded thumbnail versions of some of the public photos hosted on

I’ll be making the posts available somewhere, although I don’t know exactly what form the archive should take yet. I’ll also be considering whether to integrate it with, for anyone who wants to migrate to a new microblog and didn’t have time to manually export their posts. (I’ve already built a similar feature to import from Twitter’s .zip archives.)

To my Kickstarter backers, thanks for your patience as I took an unexpected detour this week. Major work on continues. I have a big announcement for next week and invites should be ready the following week. I’ll post an update to Kickstarter soon.

Finishing some web backend work this morning while the kids play Zelda. I’m not very far in the game yet, but so impressed with it.

→ 2017/03/11 10:24 am

Even with Kawhi out, very risky to rest so many players on the Warriors tonight. The #1 seed is going to be decided by a couple games.

→ 2017/03/11 10:01 am

15 years of blogging

Fifteen years ago today I started this blog during SXSW. Although I didn’t think much of it at the time, because Twitter hadn’t been invented yet, my first post was essentially a microblog post. 145 characters and no title. (Titles on the old posts were added later during the migration to Movable Type.)

I’ve written about 1100 posts since then, and another 600 microblog posts. Some of my favorites last year:

And the year before:

And earlier:

Whether you started visiting this blog years ago or just today, thanks for reading. I hope to still be writing in another 15 years. (I’ll be 56 years old. My kids will be grown up. Nearly everything will be different.)

Stretching time out has a way of highlighting what matters. And if it matters, it’s worth writing down. I hope you’ll join me for the next chapter as I try to move indie microblogging forward with

Spent the morning trying out Docker to more quickly bring up server instances for certain parts of Very nice.

→ 2017/03/09 1:20 pm

Experimented with Minio last night while watching the Spurs come back to win after being down 28 points. Might solve some problems for me.

→ 2017/03/09 8:18 am

Followed a 2001 Evan Williams blog post and noticed that moved to Medium. All the old posts are gone. Future-proofing is tricky even when you’re the CEO of a blog publishing company. (But worth it.)

→ 2017/03/08 2:53 pm

Great video review of the Nintendo Switch from Myke Hurley. Agree with pretty much everything he says. It’s a fantastic system, the best from Nintendo in a long time, and Zelda is excellent.

→ 2017/03/08 1:06 pm

I renewed a few SSL certs for free by typing “letsencrypt renew”. What if domain names had a similar breakthrough? Could change everything.

→ 2017/03/07 10:29 am

Another close win tonight for the Spurs and a ridiculous final minute. Great playoffs prep. Kawhi is just playing at a new level right now.

→ 2017/03/06 10:32 pm

At the IndieWeb meetup last week I couldn’t remember how long I’ve been blogging. Coming up on the 15th anniversary of my blog this week!

→ 2017/03/06 2:14 pm