Because you’re passionate about it

“People will want to go to it because you’re passionate about it, and people love what other people are passionate about. You remind people of what they’ve forgotten.” — Mia in La La Land

Business without direction is hollow. Your company can be full of users or money but if it’s empty of purpose, no one will truly care about what you’re building.

This is one of several problems with Twitter today. It’s not just that the leadership team is overwhelmed and paralyzed. They can no longer articulate to users what Twitter the company is passionate about.

Impressed with the Celtics ability to close out games, even without Kyrie. Their streak extends to 12. 🏀

→ 2017/11/12 5:00 pm

For day 2 of the photo challenge, my go-to for coffee at home: Chameleon cold-brew, ice, water, and a splash of milk.

→ 2017/11/12 2:40 pm

Bunch of cool photos are showing up in the Discover pane of iOS and Mac apps today, for day 1 of the photo challenge. Enjoy!

→ 2017/11/11 1:33 pm

I’ve updated’s Twitter cross-posting to support 280 characters. The apps still color the character counter blue until 140, and red after 280, just in case you want to stick to shorter posts.

→ 2017/11/10 10:34 am

One election day down, one more to go

Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo on last night’s victory for Democrats:

When a President is locked below 40% approval and often closer to 35% approval, his party will face a brutal and unforgiving electorate. This was a fact a decade ago and it’s a fact today. We’ve just been stunned into an unwarranted uncertainty by the fact of Trump’s victory one year ago today.

November 2018 feels like a long time from now, but it will get here.

I should’ve added an “I voted” pin to for posting voting sticker photos. We’ll do that for 2018.

→ 2017/11/07 10:38 pm

Redesigned the splash page (when you’re not signed in). The most concise expression of the mission statement so far.

→ 2017/11/07 3:58 pm

Election day in the United States. There’s probably something on the ballot where you live. Doesn’t have to be big to still matter. Vote!

→ 2017/11/07 10:42 am

WordPress to migration

Over the weekend I opened up a WordPress importer for sites. Now that can serve as your primary web site — with personal domain name, short and long posts, themes, and pages — some users may want to consolidate their older WordPress blogs to I’ve just finished a round of testing and bug fixes with a couple sites, including the 2000+ posts on my 15-year-old WordPress blog. has always had great support for WordPress. If you host on WordPress and want to bring your posts into the timeline, all you have to do is add the WordPress RSS feed. This new importer is for people who want to migrate their whole site to be hosted by, not just mirror posts to the timeline with RSS and continue to use WordPress for hosting.

To access the importer on the web, click on Account → Edit Domains & Design → Import. It will prompt for a WXR file, which you can export from your WordPress site under WP Admin → Tools → Export. WXR stands for “WordPress eXtended RSS”, which is an RSS file with some extra WordPress metadata.

It’s important to note that the WXR contains post text, but not file uploads. To solve this, parses the HTML for all your posts, looking for img tags. It then downloads those referenced photos and adds them to your site. For this reason, it’s important that you keep your old WordPress site online until the import has finished. (The importer does not currently support WordPress photo galleries.)

If you try the importer, I’d love to hear what you think. And of course you can add a new site for just $5/month under the “New…” menu.