I’m going to take Micro.blog down tonight in about an hour for some quick maintenance. Hosted blogs will remain up.

→ 2017/09/14 9:04 pm

Tomorrow matters

As I plan for the iPhone X pre-order, I wanted to write a blog post about all the iPhones I’ve bought, and when. I’ve skipped a few generations, and even made some seemingly oddball choices like getting the iPhone 5C when all my friends got the 5S. In the process of searching old blog posts to confirm whether I even bought the 3G or waited for the 3GS, I found this old blog post about WWDC 2008.

In the post I had collected 95 tweets from myself and others during WWDC. This was 9 years ago, so it’s a bit of a blur. But reading them again brings back memories. These old tweets are gold.

If I hadn’t collected the tweets, I would never find them again. And if anything changes at Twitter, they could just as easily be lost. Remember, it wasn’t that long ago that you couldn’t go back more than 3200 tweets in your timeline. Searching old tweets is still impossible in third-party Twitter clients.

Obviously I’m all-in on indie microblogging. I post to my own blog and let Micro.blog sort out cross-posting a copy to Twitter. But looking at these old tweets, I’m just struck with how foolish it was to ever post content exclusively to Twitter. It was an assumption that today mattered more than tomorrow, when the opposite is often true.

A photo is the most clear expression of this truth. Taking a photo doesn’t improve the moment. It’s for later.

Twitter in 2008 was a mix of microblogging and conversations. It was writing without pretense, with no expectation of likes and follower counts. It felt ephemeral, and maybe it still does to many Twitter users today. But you never know when you want that fleeting comment to actually last, and if you don’t control the post, there are few guarantees that it will.

Core Intuition 296

We posted a new Core Intuition, all about the iPhone X and other products from yesterday’s event. From the show notes:

Manton and Daniel react to the announcement at Apple’s annual iPhone event, comparing notes on the allure of the iPhone X, Apple Watch 3, and new Apple TV. They talk about the impressiveness of all the significant product updates being made in parallel, and lament the slightly confusing state it leaves the high end iPhone market in.

Approaching 300 episodes over 9 years. If you’re new to the podcast, consider subscribing in your favorite podcast app. Thanks!

Waiting for the iPhone X

Michael Gartenberg writing for Six Colors about the iPhone X:

It’s arguably the most beautiful product ever made by Apple and the jewel in Apple’s crown. The aesthetics must be seen to be appreciated. This is something Apple competitors aren’t even close to. If the iPhone 8 raises the bar, iPhone X raises the bar so high it can’t be seen. This is, quite simply, the best smartphone money can buy.

High praise. Apple had me at the cameras, but I’m relieved that the design of the phone itself is so great. On Core Intuition last week I had worried that if the design fell short (or Apple did something clunky like put a Touch ID sensor on the back) that I’d have second thoughts.

This is the first iPhone in years that many people are going to stand in line for. It might not be priced high enough.

I submitted a new iOS build yesterday morning thinking I might beat the rush of iOS 11 submissions, but now I’m not sure. Still waiting.

→ 2017/09/13 9:04 am

Love the iPhone X, but showing “animoji” cheapens the rest of the presentation. Serious, high-quality $1k phone… with silly cartoon faces.

→ 2017/09/12 1:48 pm

Thumbs up on the first hour of the Apple event. All good stuff. Sky for Apple TV looks really nice.

→ 2017/09/12 12:57 pm

New Apple Watch looks great. Going to skip this generation, but definitely have wanted cellular when outside. Super useful.

→ 2017/09/12 12:37 pm

It’s a great feeling to wake up in the morning with a feature idea and have it deployed before lunch. The advantage of being small.

→ 2017/09/12 10:55 am

Added a secret Apple pin to Micro.blog. Mention “iPhone X” in a blog post today only to unlock the pin!

→ 2017/09/12 10:30 am

Read the intro to What Happened. Can’t imagine how difficult this was. I’ll sit down with it later in the week, but not today. iPhone day!

→ 2017/09/12 8:30 am

Gizmodo on RSS

David Nield of Gizmodo has a sort of re-introduction to RSS, with an overview on why it’s more useful than ever:

One of the main reasons RSS is so beloved of news gatherers is that it catches everything a site publishes—not just the articles that have proved popular with other users, not just the articles from today, not just the articles that happened to be tweeted out while you were actually staring at Twitter. Everything.

Obviously I’m a fan of RSS. Micro.blog has great support for it throughout the platform. But even though I subscribe to hundreds of feeds, I even caught myself recently loading a few favorite news sites manually instead of using the feeds. Doesn’t hurt to be reminded that there’s a better way.

Worked on a blog post yesterday arguing that the iOS 11 GM leak reaction is overblown, just more unhealthy fallout from Apple’s obsession with secrecy. This morning, scrapped the draft. I have other work to do. Looking forward to tomorrow’s event!

→ 2017/09/11 9:33 am

Really enjoyed last night’s American Masters on Tyrus Wong, most famous for his Bambi concept art and backgrounds. An incredible artist and a sad reminder of how this country treated immigrants. You can watch it for free on the PBS site.

→ 2017/09/09 3:19 pm