Disappointed that the Spurs couldn’t keep Jonathan Simmons. Enjoyed watching him in Austin and then San Antonio. He has a great story.

→ 2017/07/14 3:20 pm

Sent an update to Kickstarter backers announcing the App Store version of Micro.blog, friend invites, and recent progress.

→ 2017/07/13 1:27 pm

No matter what happens, the 2016 election loss cannot be undone. But these Donald Jr. emails look really bad. Seems textbook collusion.

→ 2017/07/11 2:33 pm

Good progress catching up on email today, and support questions. Probably should know by now to carve out time every morning for this.

→ 2017/07/10 3:11 pm

Rolled out more Micro.blog tweaks over the weekend. Better photo cross-posting, lots of little edge cases taken care of.

→ 2017/07/09 5:10 pm

Sometimes wish I had a 7 Plus for travel (writing is much easier, like a super-mini iPad) but don’t want to give up my SE for everyday use.

→ 2017/07/08 8:08 am

Think I’m going to take my old iPad Mini on an upcoming road trip instead of the iPad Pro, since I’ll need my MacBook anyway. But the Mini is unusable now with low disk space, presumably from bloated app sizes. Clearing it and starting over with the iOS 11 beta.

→ 2017/07/08 8:03 am

I’ve let the blog go a little quiet this week as I’ve been focused on coding. I have drafts of a bunch of posts that I hope to get back to.

→ 2017/07/07 4:22 pm

Happy 4th of July, America. All I want for our country’s birthday is a new president. (I’ll accept an IOU, but can’t wait forever.)

→ 2017/07/04 9:37 am

With Apple improving app review times, now kind of worried that this app has been in “waiting for review” for 3 days. Maybe today.

→ 2017/07/03 7:33 am

iPhone introduction felt impossible

John Gruber remembers what it was like watching the iPhone announcement:

Apple had amazing product introductions before the iPhone, and it’s had a few good ones after. But the iPhone was the only product introduction I’ve ever experienced that felt impossible. Apple couldn’t have shrunk Mac OS X — a Unix-based workstation OS, including the Cocoa frameworks — to a point where it could run on a cell phone. Scrolling couldn’t be that smooth and fluid. A touchscreen — especially one in a phone — couldn’t be so responsive.

I felt the same way. Even the day I brought the iPhone home, I wasn’t sure that it was actually going to work. I was ready to be unsurprised if it turned out to be unstable — crashing often or overheating. It was stunning how good it was. It absolutely felt like a phone from the future.

One thing I had forgotten about from 10 years ago was the activation process, which was definitely not from the future. It was rooted in the past, connecting to iTunes like an iPod. Here are some of my tweets from that day, showing the long delay between picking up the iPhone from the store and actually using it, plus my last-minute decision to even wait in line:

6:34am: Good morning iPhone Day! Weather forecast in Austin for today: 40% chance of showers and storms.

10:15am: It’s only 10am but already realized I need to go to Plan B. Bribe friends already in line to use their 2nd iPhone purchase.

11:09am: Change of plans. Heading to the Apple Store now to join in the line-waiting fun. Will it be too late?

12:26pm: I expected rain, but that seems unlikely. It’s hot like a real Austin summer here in the iPhone line.

2:32pm: Hanging out in The Line with Jeremy of Barton Springs Software and @damon. Apple Store is closed. Had some lunch and a Starbucks soy latte.

4:03pm: 2 hours left. We can redeem our free Starbucks coffee coupons now. Excited! (About the iPhone. Not the coffee.)

6:30pm: Got my iPhone.

7:35pm: Activation will have to wait. Ratatouille.

8:18pm: Movies all sold out. Pre-activation dinner at Kerby Lane instead.

9:53pm: Activation took less than a minute. Also, no plan choice. Just $20 added on to what I already pay, I guess.

11:56pm: @danielpunkass Wait, what? You can make calls on it? (But seriously, you’re right. It’s a computer first and a phone second.)

Apparently I waited in line most of the day. I remember it only being a few hours. I also love how trivial these tweets seem. A big reason to have a microblog is because even the most mundane posts today carry extra significant years later.

MarsEdit 4 and microblogs

Great to see Daniel Jalkut announce a public beta of MarsEdit 4. There are a lot of new features in this version, but the one that I love the most actually might seem minor. It’s just a short line in Daniel’s announcement, under WordPress-specific enhancements:

Post Format support

For anyone using WordPress for microblogging, this is a big deal. It means you can post with the “status” post format for your short posts. It’s a really convenient way to post to a WordPress microblog from a Mac. (And of course, you can use MarsEdit to post directly to a Micro.blog-hosted blog as well.)

Rolled out additional fixes to timezones, more robust photo uploads. Also prepared the iOS app for the App Store. No more TestFlight builds.

→ 2017/06/28 11:14 am

Deployed a major improvement today for timezones and custom domains on hosted sites. Seems simple, but tricky to do without breaking feeds.

→ 2017/06/27 5:59 pm

Preview of Sunlit 2.0

A few years ago, Jon Hays and I built an app for photos called Sunlit, powered by the App.net API. We evolved it to work with other services, like Flickr and Instagram, but as App.net faded away we could never justify the investment to rewrite significant parts of the app to bring it forward and keep it relevant. It also wasn’t clear what the app should do if we were to modernize it. So we let the app sit in the App Store, kind of neglected, and even discussed removing it from sale.

As I rolled out Micro.blog to Kickstarter backers, Jon dusted off the Sunlit project and experimented with something that should’ve been obvious to us earlier: Sunlit should post to blogs. And more than that, it should work well with microblogs and IndieWeb standards. It should become a great app for photoblogging. The new version of Sunlit can post photos to Micro.blog, WordPress, or any site that supports the Micropub API.

To play nicely with microblogs, we introduced a new post type in the app for single photos. For longer posts, you can still collect multiple photos together, add text, and post them as a story directly to your blog. There’s also a brand new editing interface with filters and advanced adjustments:


Jon has put a bunch of work into this while I focus on Micro.blog. Sunlit 2.0 is already feature complete and in beta testing now. We expect to ship it sometime this summer.