Sometime over the last year, Apple Music’s “For You” started showing fewer tracks that I like. Not sure what changed since Beats Music.

→ 2017/05/15 9:25 am

Can’t shake that Spurs loss last night. We’ve been waiting 3 years for this matchup. Gotta avoid news sites for the next 24 hours and focus on code. (Deployed a few improvements this morning.)

→ 2017/05/15 9:08 am

Well obviously that’s the one in Oakland the Spurs needed to win. Huge early lead. Still ahead with 2 minutes left in the game. Tough loss.

→ 2017/05/14 5:32 pm

Sending out a new TestFlight build with a few more fixes. Also adding another batch of recent emails that weren’t invited yet.

→ 2017/05/12 12:12 pm

Great time at Refresh Austin last night, talking about indie microblogging and meeting everyone. Thanks for coming! Buffalo Billiards was a perfect venue because I didn’t need to leave to watch the incredible Spurs/Rockets OT finish.

→ 2017/05/10 10:17 am

Rolled out more server improvements, and a new iPhone beta to TestFlight users. Still getting really good feedback.

→ 2017/05/05 3:08 pm

Tony Parker out for the season. Feel so bad for him. I don’t know what Pop is going to do, but I’d start Dejounte Murray. Bring Patty Mills in at 6 minutes. Time to step up.

→ 2017/05/04 8:20 pm

Half an hour until game 2. Monday night’s game was… not good. But at least I got this Spurs t-shirt.

→ 2017/05/03 8:15 pm

Sent a new iPhone beta to the TestFlight group with a few important fixes. Also deployed some server improvements last night and this morning.

→ 2017/05/03 10:09 am

I seem to have mostly replaced my $4 coffee drive-thru habit with $6 JuiceLand. And cheap cold-brew coffee at home.

→ 2017/05/02 2:16 pm

Playoffs round 2 in San Antonio. Spurs need a much better second half. Just 1 game of 7.

→ 2017/05/01 9:59 pm