SXSW was a mixed bag

SXSW was a mixed bag today. Although it’s always good to hear Mike Erwin talk about security, the first panel really wasn’t so useful as a technical discussion (despite my lame attempt to steer it that way with a question about FTP). The second panel followed with the same result. Yawn. I can only take so much mention of Interactive TV in one weekend.

It was good to hear Jeff Veen speak at the keynote, though he seemed a little too accepting of Kevin Lynch’s “replace your entire site with a Flash interface” demo. That’s not the Veen I’ve read.

The best session of the day was Lane Becker’s “Everything New is Old Again.” It was great to connect with Lane again, who I hadn’t talked to since our brief encounter at a web development company back in 1996. I left my PowerBook at home, but to my right Wes and Doc were blogging away on their’s.

Manton Reece @manton