Ward Kimball, one of Disney's

Ward Kimball, one of Disney’s legendary animators, passed away today. Tom Sito sent an email out that reads:

“Please pause to recall one of the giants of Animation who passed away this morning. WARD KIMBALL- artist, animator, designer, filmmaker, trombone and model train aficionado. He was 88 and had been in poor health from pneumonia since early this year. His achievements as one of the Nine Old Men are the stuff of legend- Jiminy Cricket, The Three Caballeros, Pecos Bill, Toot- Whistle- Plunk and Boom and many, many more. His free spirit and nonconformist attitude in very conformist times demonstrates to generations to come how to work in a administered corporate climate yet remain an artist. I heard that when he was in hospital the other day he was still making jokes about the golf course nearby. He will be missed but he will live on in our collective memory.”

Manton Reece @manton