I registered on BlogTree. Hey,

I registered on BlogTree. Hey, everyone else was doing it. :-)

In other blog news… There are very few sites that I read now that don’t have RSS feeds. Two on that short list were PeterMe and Kottke.org, which in the last week have both put up RSS versions. Unfortunately they trim the post so you only get the first sentence or two in your RSS reader. Ugh. I think this may be a Movable Type default.

I also think that Blogger made a mistake when they chose to only support RSS in Blogger Pro (not in the regular free version of Blogger). There are a lot of Blogger sites out there. With the huge momentum behind RSS, and as more good RSS readers emerge, the way people are browsing news and blog sites is changing. Sites without an RSS feed risk being ignored. (I have paid for both Blogger Pro and Radio Userland.)

Manton Reece @manton