Final Safari UI comments

Safari puts the classic SSL “lock” icon in the window title bar. Here’s a screenshot:

Safari lock icon

Turns out this is easy to do in Jaguar with Carbon’s HIView system. Since the entire structure of the window (not just the content area) is a view, you can position items anywhere, including the title bar. Apple has published some example code showing how.

Another nice UI feature in Safari is the enhanced drag preview when dragging links:

Safari drag preview

Matthew Thomas continues to update his thoughts on Safari’s interface and what the new browser means for Mozilla.

John Gruber provides some even longer thoughts on Safari:

"That's not to say that there isn't some utility in breaking the traditional one-window-per-web-page metaphor, but I don't think tabs are the optimal solution. My guess is that Safari's engineers have something much better in mind, and simply didn't have time to implement it yet."

Okay, I’m done with the Safari-related blogging. Tomorrow: something different.

Manton Reece @manton