NASA loses shuttle

Oh no.

AP: NASA Loses Touch with Shuttle Columbia:

"NASA declared an emergency after losing communication with space shuttle Columbia as the ship soared over Texas several minutes before its expected landing time Saturday morning."

CNN: Columbia shuttle breaks up over Texas:

"Police in Nacogdoches, Texas, reported 'numerous pieces of debris' both inside the city limits and in Nacogdoches County."

Listening to NPR this morning: “Eerie quiet at Kennedy Space Center.”

I remember a few years ago, seeing the shuttle pass over Austin. We went outside, and it seemed half the neighborhood was also out in the streets, looking up. I wondered aloud if we’d be able to see anything. We squinted at the clouds, and other imagined dots in the sky. And then, the sky lit up – a huge streak across the sky as the shuttle passed. An amazing sight.

Manton Reece @manton