WWDC coding frenzy

It’s appropriate that I’m in a coding frenzy for the next few weeks. WWDC e-ticket in hand, and at work we go GM on a major version of our software just a week before the conference.

This will be my fifth WWDC, and I think it will be a good one. It’s great to work for a company committed to this conference. Lots of mysterious TBA sessions, which probably means they will cover new Panther technology. Unfortunately the session map puts some of the good Carbon sessions on the last day. Every WWDC I have to wonder if Apple will fully support Carbon development.

The code I’m working on now will be the last for Mac OS 9. Since I use a custom C++ framework, we’ve been expanding it over the last few months. Wrappers for Carbon Timers, network transfer, and QuickTime. OS X-specific stuff, like sheets. More advanced UI controls, custom buttons, and a search box. A minimal toolbar class, which looks like the OS X toolbar at first glance, but works on OS 9 and doesn’t support customization.

When we finally say goodbye to OS 9, some of this code can be replaced. WWDC is a good turning point. Without worrying about shipping a product, I can dive into the new Carbon HIToolbox APIs. And Cocoa. Based on what Apple says at the conference I will decide whether moving to a hybrid Carbon/Cocoa app is the way to go.

It should be fun.

Manton Reece @manton