Futurama over

The series finale of Futurama aired last month. It was a great show that ended too soon (thanks Fox execs). I had only seen a handful of episodes until last month, when I rented the first season disc 1 on NetFlix. I had forgotten how great the show was, so I bought the first season box set and ordered season 2, which I’ve been enjoying since.

The commentaries on the DVDs are some of the best I’ve ever seen. Completely unscripted, funnier than the episodes themselves in many ways.

Now that Fox has pulled the plug on the series, Futurama is enjoying a popular run on Cartoon Network. The fanbase is there, and there could be a movie version some day. But chances of Cartoon Network funding new episodes seems pretty slim, given the cost of each episode. Producer David Cohen has done a few interviews lately, here’s one.

I guess anything’s possible, since apparently a Family Guy movie is in the works as well [via BoingBoing]. I never watched the television show, but it had a shorter run than Futurama yet strong DVD sales.

Manton Reece @manton