New and old web standards

Jeffrey Veen argues for the practical advantages of new web standards:

"Huge interfaces squeezed through plodding modem connections have been a plague since the Web's inception. The increasing dominance of broadband has only helped a bit. A hotel phone line plugged into a business traveler's laptop may be the only tenuous link you've got to a new customer. Adopting clean, standardized code gives users a shortcut to accomplishing their goals at your site."

And, in tribute to HotWired and the old school of web design, I present a list of things I miss from when the web was young:

  • webmaster@hostname email addresses
  • "best viewed in Netscape 2" buttons
  • colored bullet images
  • rainbow divider lines
  • that under construction digging guy
  • no .htm
  • h1, h2, h3 (making a comeback thanks to CSS)
  • background patterns (also back in style)
Manton Reece @manton