HorseBack Salad

The Austin Chronicle profiles HorseBack Salad Entertainment:

"In February 2001 -- working out of their homes -- the four formed HorseBack Salad, a 'ground up' animation and multimedia firm whose chief claim to fame was and is its ability to generate unique results fast, whether the project is a music video, an animated pilot for the Cartoon Network, or a piece of educational software -- you know, for kids. With an animation style that occasionally echoes Jamie Hewlett's work for Brit hip-hop popsters Gorillaz and encompasses everything from their own projected animated shorts and series (this is where the kung-fu robots and Kabuki snowmen come in) to more serious (but not too serious) outings like their bouncy animated segment in local singer-songwriter Andrea Perry's 'Simple' video, HorseBack Salad has initiated or had a hand in 44 separate projects: a whopping record considering they're the new kids on the block."

I first saw their name when the Question Authority interactive game showed before the Matrix at the Alamo Drafthouse. It was immediately obvious that these guys had talent, with some traditional animation know-how that is absent from a lot of online content.

Manton Reece @manton