Thank you Radio, and TypeKey

After two years of using Radio Userland, I decided to migrate this weblog to Movable Type. I wrote a UserTalk script to export my data for importing into Movable Type, and everything went about as well as could be expected. I’m making small tweaks to the design, and I added some category pages (still filing old posts in the appropriate categories, since that wasn’t preserved in the migration). Otherwise it’s the same site for now. I originally purchased Radio thinking I would customize it, having done a fair bit of Frontier programming back in the day. I haven’t had time, so for now I’ll give Movable Type a try.

The Six Apart folks have something interesting planned for weblog comments, sort of a single sign-on system with (presumably) a central user registration server. More information is up at It will be interesting to see how open their system is, and what other services could potentially be build on top of it.

Manton Reece @manton