iTunes follow-up

Not 5 minutes after I posted yesterday’s iTunes piece, Ryan tells me I’m asking for too much. “My fear is that too many features will render iTunes a useless and unusable app,” he writes, and he’s absolutely right to be concerned.

I will admit that my list contains some less-than-great ideas, only loosely organized around the idea of discovering new music (something I’ve been trying to do lately). I do think RSS support would be interesting, though, because it would allow iMix-like functionality but distributed across anyone’s web site and created using any software.

The important point, I guess, is that iTunes still has room to grow, and that’s not by accident. Smart Playlists and Party Shuffle are two examples of great features that fit well inside the existing interface.

Update: Kathleen wants something similar with RSS, but sort of the other way around: RSS generated from the published iMixes.

Manton Reece @manton