The Incredibles DVD

The Incredibles script Last week I received The Incredibles DVD screener in the mail through my membership in ASIFA-Hollywood, and Saturday a bound copy of the screenplay arrived. I’ll keep the screenplay on my shelf next to the rest of the Pixar books, but I ended up giving the DVD away as a present. I just thought of how excited I would be if someone gave one to me, even opened, and I’ve probably watched it enough already this week.

Okay, I haven’t watched it enough. In fact I’ve only begun to study the film in detail. There’s some great acting in there and it helps to watch in slow-motion. As an animator, how cool would it be to hit pause in a movie theater, then rewind and flip through frames of a great scene? Having the DVD for something that just came out in the theater sort of feels like that.

Manton Reece @manton