Elements 7

If you’ve been wondering what all the podcast hype is about, Ryan’s latest Elements episode has a few of the things that make podcasts great: music, interviews, uniquely non-mainstream, and told with a fresh perspective that you can only get from listening to normal people talk. Another thing I like about Elements — and this applies to both weblogs and podcasts — is the consistent length and post frequency. It’s nice to look forward to an under-30-minute audio show synced to your iPod every Sunday.

This weekend I spent some time (not much) on a little podcast-related service that I’ll unveil this week. (And by “unveil” I mean upload a couple files and call it shipped.) I’ve also got a podcast in the works, although (contrary to what I said above) it will not be a regular fixture of this site. Instead it will be more like the occasional photo album — a supplement to the text and delivered in a way that fits the content.

Manton Reece @manton