Experience before animating

Kelly is studying in Paris. She writes about animating from your experiences after talking with Pixar animator Bolhem Bouchiba:

"But it made me realize something about good animation. It dosen't come from studying other films. Or live action. Or acting. It comes, first and formost, from living life. From being hurt, being ecstatic, being bored, being in love, suffering, moments joyful and rich, things you can't describe. It comes from experiencing them, and shoving them onto the paper. I don't think you can animate something truthful if you've never felt it yourself."

Meanwhile, in the first Animation Podcast interview, Andreas Deja talks us through his early childhood in Germany, from the first time he experienced Disney animation up to the beginning of his career at the mouse studio. This is a must-have podcast feed for animation fans.

My own podcast episode should be done in another week. It also touches on animation, with excerpts from a few films and my own audio recordings during a trip last month.

Manton Reece @manton