Podcast coming

There is a place for text, and a place for sound. If you are like me, you read and write text all day. Whether it’s email, chat, html, code. For those times, music is all the sound you can take — it fits your mood and fades into the background. You don’t want to necessarily listen to someone speaking — it’s hard to concentrate on reading text and listening to someone else read text at the same time, and most people can read faster than they can listen anyway.

But for the times when we are away from our desk, sound can play a different role. Taking a walk or in the car your mind is free to either wander, or pay attention. I believe podcasts are for those times.

Tomorrow I will post my first podcast. If it is well received (or even if it’s not — this is blogging after all) I hope to create a podcast every few months. Because it will be so infrequent, there probably won’t be a separate RSS feed for podcasts. The MP3 files will be included directly in the main feed for this weblog. Feedback of course is welcome at manton@manton.org. Thanks!

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