Time for thinking

“Gillian Carson talks about vacation time”:www.barenakedapp.com/misc/vaca… on the Amigo blog:

"A holiday is a time for thinking, for relaxing your mind, for drinking beer and laughing and... for having ideas. The last time we went on holiday we came up with the idea for Carson Workshops, so I have great faith in letting your brain run free."

I agree. Late last night I was working on a problem, something I had been struggling with in my spare time for a couple of weeks. I went back and forth between staring at an empty text editor and reading NetNewsWire. In other words, wasting time. I went out after midnight to get some milk and food for breakfast, and on the drive to the store I let my mind wander until my brain randomly struck upon an elegant solution to my coding problem. Back at my desk I implemented it in 10 lines of code and went to bed.

Have a happy July 4th everyone.

Manton Reece @manton