STAPLE! 2007 weekend wrap-up

“STAPLE! The Independent Media Expo” was last Saturday and it turned out great. The “animation panel I wrote about last week”… was a lot of fun and didn’t seem to suffer too much from my amateur moderating abilities. The projector worked, the films were great, and we filled an hour and a half with questions from the audience. Special thanks to “Damon” for working the lights and providing feedback afterwards.

My only regret is that I didn’t take a few minutes to snap photos or set up a video camera in the back to capture it. I left my camera in the car the whole day. Luckily other attendees took pictures of the rest of the show. Here are Flickr sets from “Freddie Avalos”… “Toby Craig”… and “Marianne Ways”… Update: Damon “snapped a picture”… after all!

Sunday night was the “Animation Show” at the Paramount and Don Hertzfeldt answered questions afterwards. His latest film may be my favorite of his yet. I worked with Robert at the Animation Show on cross-promotion between their show and STAPLE!, and they were so great to work with I hope we can join forces again next time.

I came away from the whole weekend inspired. Monday a new idea for an animated short film hit me. I think it’s time to dust off the animation table again.

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