Cuts in Core Intuition

When producing “Core Intuition” we generally record more than we need, giving us flexibility to cut out the rambling tangents, technical errors, and frequent “uhms” that threaten to destroy any kind of pacing or interest in the show. The decision of what to leave out is just as important as the original source work — being able to recognize the best parts that add value vs. the fluff that can be dropped to make the whole thing stronger. It’s that way with any product, not just podcasts.

For episode 8, posted this morning, we ended up recording even more than usual, so we cut a batch of insignificant things but also a few good points in an effort to bring the podcast down to something closer to 30 minutes. I wanted to gather a few of those lost topics here.

Politics. We recorded the show Friday before the first presidential debate, so it only made sense to discuss the campaign. Core Intuition started before the Democratic primaries were officially over, during which time Daniel and I were quite vocal on Twitter and blogs about the election. It still surprises me that we haven’t let politics get into the show. Probably for the best.

SXSW. I talked more about the SXSW Interactive festival, from its beginnings in the 1990s as a multimedia show to the current mix of web, social media, and design. Some of the most interesting talks in the last couple of years trended away away from “5 experts on a panel” sessions to more formal talks, by speakers who love SXSW and don’t want to see it fall into mediocrity. While it’s not a developer conference, there has been a steady attendance increase from web application developers and even Mac developers.

TED. Daniel commented on the 20-minute sessions at “TED”, and how any conference would benefit from this focused approach. Imagine how much more useful sessions at WWDC would be if the speakers cruised through their technical slides in 20 minutes and then left much more time for Q&A.

So those were a few of the segments we left out. The final show included a wrap-up of the C4 conference, insight from Daniel’s “Shush” iPhone app, and rants on Google Android and user experience. “Check it out”

Manton Reece @manton