Dan Benjamin turns it up

Dan Benjamin did something interesting several weeks ago: he took his popular blog Hivelogic, where he’s been posting since 2001, and rebranded the content under a new domain, “danbenjamin.com”:danbenjamin.com/. Apparently that was just the kick he needed to “get even more serious”:twitter.com/danbenjam… about blogging, because he’s been on a roll lately.

A couple of my favorite recent posts over there include “Apologize”:danbenjamin.com/articles/… and “Fake Amazon”:danbenjamin.com/articles/… The latter is a must-read that finally puts a name to what may be the beginning of the end of the Amazon we all know and love:

"By offering these services, Amazon has created a gigantic marketplace, while simultaneously making even the most obscure or hard-to-find items available to anybody. Just type some text into Amazon search, and you'll get results. Lots of results. Too many results, it seems, even for Amazon."

I’ve also been enjoying the “Tack Sharp podcast”:tacksharp.tv/, even though I hope to never pay more than $300 for a camera.

Manton Reece @manton