Follow-up on family packs

In October I “blogged about”… and then launched a “family pack” purchase option for Wii Transfer. $39 for 5 licenses vs. $19 for 1.

The results are in, and they are unspectacular.

2.6% of orders were family pack purchases. At an extra $20 per order, that essentially comes out to the equivalent of one extra sale for every 40.

To all my customers who were honest enough to choose the more expensive option, thank you. I don’t think most people need the flexibility of running 5 copies of Wii Transfer simultaneously, but I’m glad that it’s helpful for a few of you out there.

Now that I’ve written this down and crunched the numbers, it calls to mind something that “Joel Spolsky” said in an interview. All the coupons or referral fees or discount prices or other gimmicks they tried are ultimately just a diversion from the best way to increase sales: make the software better.

I’ll leave you with this chart for 2008 sales. August was shiny-new-version month.

Sales 2008
Manton Reece @manton